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to Roxy, and all the other staff

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Roxy, there is a lot of things I have to say. First off you need to be active more and people blame it on Christmas but that doesn't hide the fact you were never active enough when this server started getting popular. And this one-sided trust issues you have is childish and it needs to stop and I get your 15 but you need to buck up stuff as this happens in the real world. But if you don't the trail mods that YOU put there what's the fucking point? If you can't trust all this server is going to do is go downhill like its slowly going there already 2 trial mods thinking about leaving because of this game your playing. Hell I was here for a long time I joined this server April 5 and I've seen good and bad all the stupid decisions that “management”  made at that time. Im not going far into detail with that. I left the server when the first merge happened because I already knew it was a disaster.

But after being back for some time you still don't trust people that should be trusted Roxy trust is a two-way street you can make it one way. You need to trust in your trail mods, moderators and admins (etc.) for everything to work.

I have put a
list of people that you should trust right here ima put (P) for people I think you should promote.

1. Joker cards(p) of 0 No matter where I see him he's always trying his best and people just give him a hard time but he is clam 100% of the time he's almost on 24/7. But there is one thing
I have to say that's kinda bad for him he always hides his tag I believe I know the reason why to get the TKers but people won't tk if they see a mod on.

Buvud he is chill clam and relaxing to be with unless you  TK him he gets a bit angry it's more like a kid throwing a tantrum he did just ban someone for TKing him.  But other than that I say he is a chill he handles others reports reasonably and he chooses to be here after getting his senior mod revoked (the reason why I don't think you should be promoted is that anger my bud don't take it personally)

3. Gray(p) after gray got fired which I do say it was uncalled for he is still here and kicking he tries his best with his “
PeRmEs.”  also one reason why I think Roxy doesn't give him perms because of his trust issues or something in the past that happen.

4. Billy I know has on a lot and tries his best but it doesn't seem to me he doesn't
get enough hours other than that he seems like a nice person to sit and talk to and he is chill 95.9% of the time (reason, why I don't think you should be promoted, is I don't see you on as much)

5. Destroyer(p) well this guy here he is him I guess I never really seen anything bad from him  he kinda comes in
does his own thing and leaves

People that I disagree with
Well there os 2
1) Jawsh well where should we start in this mine filed about the false warns he gives just for the sake of giving out warns.
Honestly, this person should have been removed some time ago.
For starters, he was a researcher and a D-class killed him he got so mad he "almost" give that man a warning. he is bearly on most of the time playing Minecraft he has a really shot temper. and just recently he banned someone for racism which I know he would never say anything like that  his name was salty or salt and pepper at the time 

2) Intimidating Creature he is never really on as much and I don't know why he deserves to be a moderator when everyone should have been brought down to trial mod. that's all I have to say for him

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First off. My inactivity, is because of Christmas which is a valid reason. I want to spend time with my family rather than online. I already don’t spend enough time with them. Next off my general inactivity is inexcusable. That is once again me. My life is just as busy as anyone else’s. The trust issues are legitimate and trial mods will be promoted later tonight. The servers are stable and that is good. The issues will be handled at my pace. And my pace includes living my life and being a human. No offense but If you expect anyone to devote their whole life to an online community you are being unrealistic. I was doing that at one time and it messed up my social and real self. Once again everything will be fixed but at its own pace. Have a nice new year. 

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