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Log #4... .5? 4.5 - Galaxy Univern

The log was still running so voices could be heard in the background.

??? (1): "What should we do with her?"
??? (2): "Do what you did to the rest of them: Inject the gene."

??? (1): "But wouldn't that wipe away her memory? She's a scientist. We can use her."

??? (2): "Hm... Fine. We can get intel while we work on it also.."

A loud pacing creeps closer along with panting.

??? (3): "Haa... haa... Why did we settle in Prutto rather than Haddem? There is too much forest!"

??? (1): "At least we are hidden. Let's go."

The furries walk away and there are transcriptions found within the subtitles. They look like morse code.

● ●●●-- ●---- ●●---   ●●- ●●● ●   -- ● ●-●● ● ●   --- -● ●-●● -●--

End of Log #4.5 (11/28/18 19:31:20)

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Log 3

24 Hours after eating mushroom

The second I had awoken this morning the trip was instantly coming back to me, although everything has started to settle down and i'm used to it, it's still here haunting me. I awoke around 1am and went to get myself some breakfast from a supermarket nearby. Upon entering the supermarket I had grabbed myself a can of beans and some tuna to top me up for a couple of hours. Upon leaving I saw it again, that god damned forest. The urge for me to enter has gotten much worse and I now had to enter into this forest. The first step I took gave a feeling of relaxation and walking closer to the core of the forest I was getting more and more relaxed. The trees were very distorted and pixelated almost as if I was in a video game. The flowers and insects were also very pixelated but were also much bigger than what they usually looked like. Walking through a bed of flowers felt like walking through layers of tall-grass and the bees flying around compared to the size of a pretty big rock. 

26 Hours after eating mushroom

Sitting in that forest for 2 straight hours was the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced in my life. The sounds of nature were extremely relaxing and the forest was vibrant to the point where I can't describe it in words. After my two hours of relaxation I had to get myself up and head towards the core of the forest. Pushing myself through the bed of flowers I emerged facing an empty hut with the door swung straight open with the hinges nearly off of the bracket. Slowly approaching I can hear creatures running behind me but that was the last of my worries. My eyes were completely sealed to looking towards this house that looked somewhat modern and cozy. This house appeared to be the best looking house I have ever seen in years. The stairs were approaching towards me as I was walking into the house almost as if they wanted me to go upstairs. First I had to explore downstairs and here is a detailed description of the house:

Living Room

In the living room I had set my eyes upon the old fashioned furniture. The furniture almost looked like it was from the 1920s but at the same time looked extremely untouched. There were 3 antique patterned chairs and there was a bookcase set in the corner of the room. The fireplace was in the middle of the room on the wall with the chairs facing towards the fireplace with an empty table in the middle of the room. 


Walking into the kitchen EVERYTHING was upside down. this including the cooker, dishwasher and table. Unlike the last room this room was extremely modern and had felt like this kitchen had been made entirely for me. The only thing that had laid on the floor in this room was a note that contained a drawing of a tree vine that was very detailed to the point that this vine looked real. 

The Upstairs

In the other 2 rooms were completely nothing other than wooden floorboards so upon walking upstairs the stairs were extending out and it had felt like I was walking up these stairs for an entire 10 minutes. Upon reaching the top this was unlike any upstairs that I have encountered before, this floor had consisted with 4 main rooms and small hatches in between the doors. The upstairs was just a straight long corridor that looked like It went on forever. The first room to my left had contained another note that had a drawing of a Sergal on it. The Sergal drawing again was extremely recognisable and was very detailed. The 2nd room I entered was a completely empty room that had 5 blue sergals sitting close to the corner. When I opened the door they had glanced at me and looked away in fear. The third room I had entered was again another empty room however directly in the center there was a glowing orb that was impossible to look at. The light shining from this orb was like there was a star in the room it was that bright. Upon going through 3 doors there was a clear feeling that I felt and that was that the 4th room was going to contain something or someone that could get me out of this trip.

The 4th door slowly creaked open and through the gap that I could see there was no trouble so far, it had looked exactly the same as the other 3 rooms. Once I fully opened the door there he was. My father. My father had lost his life in the Furry War that occurred 8 years ago, the reasoning why I had joined the MTF back in 2012. The second I caught eyes with my father I teared up instantly. Below is the Dialogue that me and my father had:

Father: Son, you are finally here

Me: Finally?

Father: I have been here for a while son, imprisoned for years.

Me: Dad, what happened to you?

Father: I can't explain all the details to you right now but all I am going to say is that now is the only time that you will be able to save me

Me: So you aren't dead?

Father: I am more like a spirit that can only talk in this room as this is the torture room that I died in. The message had to get to you somehow and the best way to do this was to give you this mushroom.

Me: How can I save you?

Father: There's only one way you can save me, find that core, and destroy it.

Me: But how? The furries are everywhere and I have no idea where to start. 

Father: Clues will appear eventually, you just need to think son, The MTF has been great for you and this is the time for you to go back to your roots. 

Me: What is this core? 

Father: The core is made up of every single life on this world. The furries can only infect people but they know who is alive and who is a furry, treat this almost as a brainwashing device. 

Me: This core seems completely dangerous to get near too

Father: It will, but eventually you will get to it with help of course. I know you well son and I know you will be able to get this done in order to free me. The freedom and lives of not just everyone but the freedom of me is in your hands son. Get this mission completed.

<End Of Dialogue>

Upon leaving this building everything was back to normal, except my mind, I had left that building with a commitment. and I was going to save the world.

More logs will be added based upon the hints I found

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Audio Log #2

I got a few info from Galaxy Log, I still have no idea how she was able to send it to us but here is what I translated - e312??use??melee??only - if anyone knows what else please let me know. Anyways the explosion I heard in the last log was just was one of our researchers trying to make the cure but accidentally blew up the lab. We have no lab at the moment but I have set up two rescue teams, Team A will be for frontlines and seeing if any survivors are still in No Mans Land. Team B will be for Galaxy and Jakob. I am in Team B, Team A consists of Mason, Woods, Bowman, and Shark. Team B consists of Jester(aka me), Issac Clarke, John, and Nathan. Both teams will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6:00. Cherry find me quic- Y̴̮̺̫̠̫̙͂͗̅̐̊̚̚͝͠ͅo̸̘͓̰͖̻̱̐̐̆̍̿̃̄̊̄̕u̷̬̟͍̳̯̮̖̜̣͂͜͠ ̵͉̼̻͇̑͘w̸̜͉̖̝̖̳͉̥̫͛͐̀̓̂̏̕͜i̷̲̲̪͆̀̉͛ļ̶͇̩͋̽͒̀͋̇̐̏l̴͕̜͖͖͕͂͊́̍͝ ̸̳̱̰̦̮̿͒͐͐̽͛ͅḑ̸̹̜͎̇̾̎í̵͉̦̖̩̈́̈́̄͆͠͝e̸̻̽͘ - we need to speak soon. >End of Audio Log<


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Log #5: Attack on the Compound

I know I am disobeying an order on waiting for the rest of the teams to come and rescue my mother but I can't wait any longer! I have assembled my squad and got some Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys to help us in our assault.

Me: "Alright we are almost there be ready once we are in the compound look for room e312 that's where my mother should be is that clear."



As soon as I said that the battle begin. They had no anti-air defenses which gave our Ospreys perfect advantage of taking out there defenses, we had a clear way to get into the compound. What we saw in there was horrific, we found the missing people. They were mutilated and used for experiments it made me sick but then my radio started buzzing.

Yuri: "Sir we found the room!"

Me: "On my way!"

I bolted down the hall to reach Yuri to see it was indeed the room.

Me: "Room e312, you ready Yuri?"

Yuri: "Yes sir, on your go"

Me: "GO!"

When we breached the room there were guards but they posed no threat, we executed to say the least. But more importantly I found my mother, bound to a cell it made me sick. I looked around for here log recorder, it wasn't hidden and I recovered what I could from it. Mother was still knocked out, they probably knocked her out because she wouldn't cooperate. I picked her up and ran to the exit while Yuri was covering my back. I loaded my mother on the Osprey and helped the rest of my team on board.

Me: "Price have you discovered anything about Jakob"

Price: "No sir but we will keep looking he is out there somewhere."

Me: "I know he is Price"

The Ospreys took off and flew away from the destroyed compound. We only lost two people today, one was a close friend of mine. Hudson and Taylor may you find peace beyond the grave. I will give them a proper burial once we get back to [REDACTED].


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I am running out of time. Whoever is out their that has some position in the MTF, I'm begging you give me an answer. I just don't know what to do. I am holding the detonator right now and still haven't come up with an escape plan for galaxy and jakob. Either that or I just blow the place, destroy site-19. I triple-checked the systems to make sure I was still connected, and visited the both of them. I have no fucking clue what snow's plan for them is.

Someone, please respond. Blow site-19 now? Or figure out a way to get them out.

I have until the start of December for an answer from someone. Or the place goes boom, whether they are in or out -Ye Boi MemeGOD

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Transmission Log #1: Contacting the Spy

You don't know who I am but I know who you are. Listen, Galaxy has been safely extracted and Jakob is nowhere to be found you have the go-ahead to do whatever you were meant to do. We are also letting you now that your transmissions were received but something has been jamming us to sending messages back. I created a bypass to get to you. Do what you have to Meme, Holland out.


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Log #8: 35 Hours Before My Capture.

It's been about 3 hours since I met Gopnik, he came with me back to the cave so I could get my gear and then he lead me to the militia camp which was located at [REDACTED]. The approximately 30 other Militia soldiers were all walking in a single line back to camp, right from the get-go I could tell that Gopnik had trained them all well.

When we arrived at the Militia camp, I didn't get time to count, but there was at least about another 50 Militia soldiers. The camp wasn't too large, but it was big enough to give every member sleeping space and was small enough so that the camp could be hidden. The camp was surrounded by a thick forest and large hills on all sides, the snow storm's provided very good cover for the camp.

Gopnik lead me to where I would be staying, it was a tent with 3 other guy's also sleeping there. I quickly greeted the others who were staying in the same tent as me, their names were: "Ghost", "Belinski" and "Gaz". After Gopnik lead me to my tent, he went to the HQ of the camp to discuss with the other Militia leaders about their next move. This gave me time to bond with my roommates.

2 Hours 30 Minutes Later.

I got to know some more about my roommates and where they all had come from. After talking for a bit we decided to play some poker and bet on our food rations.

I heard some people chatting outside and then I heard Gopnik call everyone to come out of their tents. I walked outside and saw Gopnik standing on top of a boulder in the centre of the camp and Militia soldiers all around him, it seems like he is about to brief everyone on a mission.

Gopnik: "Ok, our next move. We have attained information about a furry logistics convoy headed down to Site - 19 from the northern side, so that means that the convoy will have to take a re-route onto the side roads because of our blockade we had set up 2 days prior. This convoy is estimated to make it to the side roads in about 19 hours, this will give each of your unit leaders enough time to go over with you on what each and everyone of your roles in this ambush will be and we will also have enough time to set up some emplacements along those hills looking down onto the road and time to set up some IED's on the road. Ok everyone, you already know which Unit's you are assigned to. Go find your unit leader and he will talk to you about the process of this ambush. We will all be moving out at Zero Six-Hundred Hours, so 14 hours from now. Get your gear ready and prepare to move out tomorrow morning."

After Gopniks briefing everyone started to talk amongst themselves and everyone in a Unit started to move to their designated unit briefing locations.

Gopnik waved over to me gesturing for me to walk over to him. He stepped down from the boulder and walked to his HQ, I followed.

I entered the HQ tent, there were a lot of pieces paper and maps with markings on them on the tables in the tent. Gopnik turned around and looked at me.

Gopnik: "Ok, I'm assigning you too Unit Foxtrot. The Unit leader is gonna be next to the tent you were assigned at, so go over there and meet with him and he will brief you on what to do, any questions?"

Me: "Nope, no questions, sounds fine and dandy to me."

I walked back over to my tent and saw the Foxtrot Unit leader, it turned out that Belinski was the Unit leader. Belinski called out to me to come over with his hard Russian accent. I saw that Ghost and Gaz are also in Foxtrot as well and there were about 6 more unfamiliar faces surrounding Belinski.

Belinski: "Everyone, I would like you all to meet Jakob, he has been assigned to Foxtrot, with us."

The Foxtrot unit said hi and Belinski carried on with his briefing.

Belinski: "So, Command has assigned us to plant down the IED's on the road and set up somewhere on one of the hills where we have a good overwatch on the road so we know when to blow the IED's. There will be 3 IED's being placed on the road since we are in the need of conserving ammunition, I will be the one with the detonator for the IED's.  We will set up on whatever hill has the best overwatch and we will set up our PKM machine-gun, SKS sniper rifles and AK-47's facing the road, ready for anything. Everyone understand? Any questions?"

Everyone knodded at understanding on what we are tasked to do and no one had any questions that needed answering.

These Events Happened on 11/27/2018. This Log Has Been Recorded on 11/29/2018.

>End of Log<

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Log #5 - Galaxy Univern


Galaxy hasn’t woke up since she was rescued. On her arm, there seemed to be a few marks. One of them looked as if she was injected with something. The other showed a bump under her skin.


End of Log #5 (11/29/18 14:43:04)

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Log #6: Infection

When I rescued my mother from the furries I noticed marks on her bad marks let she was injected with something. That only means one thing, they gave her the furry gene. We need to find a cure immediately, I won't let my mother become one of those things I need to work fast. Maybe my mom would know of a cure, I can only hope for that when she wakes up. I give her 5 days before she turns so this is a priority alpha mission. I will help you mom don't you worry.            <END LOG>  

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At long last...

After being in site-19 for weeks, I have made my decision (totally without help from a guy named Holland).

It turns out that the furries knew I was at site-19, so they made decoys of galaxy and jakob and put them into the cell corridor, to lure me into bringing them back to MTF hq. I have just finished double-checking everything, alarms are off, timer is deactivated, nukes are wired, and I made it impossible for them to find out. In english, I hit the button and that place goes boom, for good...

I have decided not to give jester the detonator and have him do the honors, they just simply do not have time for that. I need to leave site-19 and hit the button, turn the place into a crater. 

I am currently outside of site-19 right now. I am walking up to a hill covered in snow, the best vantage point for what is about to occur. After the site is gone, I will head to the furries main warehouse, and inject my anti-furry concoction into their air vents. For what I am about to do, if this doesn't get cherries trust back, nothing will.

I am at the top of the hill now and have my equipment set up, one final measure to ensure that everything goes according to plan. I have a laptop with complete access to the omega warheads systems. I did one final check to ensure that I was about to use the omega warheads, destroying the site and the surrounding area. I confirmed that I was wired to the omega warheads and turned on the camera. I will record site-19's destruction and send it to everyone, gamers, furries, everyone. The camera is programmed to leave a little caption saying "your welcome -Ye Boi MemeGOD" and will immediately send the footage to everyone once the recording ends.

I remove the cap to the detonator and press the small green button on the side. A small beep comes from the detonator, I look at my computer and in big letters are Omega Warheads Status: Armed. 

I read the small timer for detonation, 0.01 seconds. Pressing the button will let that timer run its course, and at 0...you know what happens.

I put on my earbuds linking to my hidden microphone/camera. It's silent and the furries are simply sitting their, that means the alarms aren't doing what they are supposed to do (a.k.a make everyone deaf with its blare).

I look at the big red button on the tiny detonator. It is kinda funny, the destruction of an massive SCP site, is a button push away. I put my thumb on the Big Red Button.

Look at site-19 for the last time

Stick up my middle finger directly at site-19

And press the button...

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Log #6 - Galaxy Univern

Galaxy just lays there lifeless seeming. Her heart rate monitor starts to speed up and begins to get to the point a warning light turns on. 

End of Log #6 (11/30/18 19:15:12)

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Audio Log #3: Emergency

Me: "Quick she is going into cardiac arrest!"

Sounds of a medical monitors start beeping

Doctor: "We are waiting on the antidote we made her"


Monitors start beeping louder

Nurse: "It's done!"

Doctor: "Give it to her"

Sound of a machine injecting the antidote and the machines beeping slow down

Me: "That was to close for comfort"

Doctor: "Look she is waking up"


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Log #7 - Galaxy Univern

Galaxy: “Hhnn.....”

Galaxy seems a little off. 

Galaxy: “Rrrmmm. M... rrrmm..”

She’s trying to speak normally but all she managed was “erm. Mmme erm”

End of Log #7 (11/30/18 20:02:53)

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Site-19 is now gone...forever.

I just turned off the camera, so the footage should be going to the anti-furry unit (MTF). The footage should arrive later today, the footage of site-19's destruction.

I am back at godhome, and things are starting to look up. With site-19 gone, we finally have something good that has happened. Good things weaken dark meme and strengthen the cage he is kept in. I am interested to find out exactly how everyone will react to the news.

Best of luck MTF -Ye Boi MemeGOD

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Log #1

Begin Log

I just got here. I just got here. I just got here. I just got here. I just got here. Why am i here? Why? Why? Why? I didn't do anything. I didn't. I didn't. I'm slowly going mad in my cell. I just got here. I did. I just did. Why? Why am i here? I didn't do anything. I didn't.  All i did was (Redacted), I didn't do anything. I didn't i didn't i didn't. Why are they doing this to me? All the (redacted) are.... they just..... why?..... I'm....... slowly................ going.......... mad........... *yawn*.......... wha-........ what........ why is everythi-...... thing.... green....?...... I................... am........... dying............ O̸̺͇̍h̶̡͖̜̀̈́̑́̚ḫ̶͔̗̬̮̂͂̂̚͝h̵̪̣̔͜͝ͅ.̷͎̤̞̘̀͐̏.̴̨͔͆̆̋.̵̛̛̤̀̃.̴͓̳̆̓̏͒̑͜ ̴͎͔͍̑ͅï̷̼͋̽ ̸͍̲̌̚d̸̮̑͝o̵̢̞̪̭͊͒n̸̘̽͊̕'̴̧̛͊̍̇t̸̨̘̱̫͊ ̷̹͗͋̅̃̎fe̴͈̪̯̹̗̓e̸̥̗͖͐l̶̢̛̼͈͙̈́͒͆̐ ̷͔̜͐̈͌͂͜͝ş̵͇͖̞̞͆͆͘o̴̙̹̳̺̾̾̈́̔́ ̵̙̜͓̮͊̿̕w̸̢̹̺̬̾̈́͂͝ͅe̴̜̓̇͝l̶̢̪̻͆ḻ̴̣͛̋.̸̧̜̼̾͌̊͝͝.̷̢͕̹̪̐̾̿̈́.̵̺̃̀͛͜  (redacted).

End Log

Edited by Laggy_

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5:37PM CET

There hasn't been much radio chatter that has involved me, so me and the engineers here at Romeo have been hard at work developing a prototype for a aircraft defense system. So far we've came up with what we call the Kinetic Absorption Repellent Shield aka K.A.R.S. or Karen as we've called it.


It works by creating a dome like shield around a desired area, which is able to stop matter with high kinetic energy, at the expense of some of it's own energy. by design, it's 2 weaknesses are large weapons like nukes and large missiles, and certain EMPs. To create the shield you have to have the main beacon in the center and then surround the designated area with what we've call stasis kits.

When ready the beacon will create the shield and will automatically send waves of energy to the kits which will fill the gaps between each kit. they should be between 0.5 to 1 meter apart, no further which can prevent energy from being transmitted, and no closer which can cause one kit to overload and short circuit the other.

We're trying to work out the kinks of the design, mainly on the stasis kits; allowing them to be further apart and for the beacon to allow for larger and less circular areas. Here's the rough blueprint for what how the shield will act:


We've already begun construction on this, and it will be done as soon as we've finished our next design in the next few days, involving AA defenses. I suggest to all the other stations that we focus on holding ground and defending our stations to our very best. I have a plan on how to turn this war around.

Dgrunkle Sam III signing off.

Edited by Dgrunkle Sam III

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8:14PM CET

We're nearing the completion of the shield, and have finished the design for the next invention, our very own AA defense turret. 895141710_aabp.png.c7306b609070b46e3b2392ee9844a64d.png

These will be installed around the base either on designated platforms or on prebuilt structures. With the furries' advancement on nuclear development it is recommended that pilots are instructed to aim for any aerial targets instead of infantry targets, and they will find no problem with this as the visor on the turret outlines detected aircrafts, whether they be planes or missiles.

As for my plan I mentioned, we need to form a defensive front line and reinforce it before we take on the furries. refer to this map:battlefield.png.a012f6adb80eb594181375a4e130f93f.png

You'll be able to download the blueprints to the shield and the turret, and use them to create defenses for your stations. After that we should work to regain Theta through extensive cleaning to avoid 008 contamination later on, and create a pathway to the militia camp in the west, and assimilate them into our military, whilst fortifying the path to avoid being cut off, with this system and our inventions we may just be able to afford remaining on defense, which can buy us time to create a stronger fighting force, whether it be through propaganda or the hiring of mercenaries. When we do achieve a considerably large army I suggest we make our move to integrate into the destroyed village and take the slave camps.

We can still win this war. During the Revolutionary War the Patriots were out-trained and out-gunned for most of the conflict, but they were able to hold out long enough for the aid of the French. Perhaps history will repeat itself in our favor.

Sergeant Sam III, signing off.

Edited by Dgrunkle Sam III

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8:19 PM CET

It should also be noted that pugz is still MIA, and his estimated position is somewhere between site 19, Theta, and the Furry Base of Operations. It seems our rescue operation never came to light, so please contact us on whether you wish to be rescued or if you are going to venture forwards into enemy lines. If you are going into enemy lines, head to Chernobyl. Let us know how far they are into nuclear development. and whether they're trying to improve their weapons or mass produce the ones they can make.

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I am kinda fazed

I blow up an entire site, yet no one really seems to react. I was sure that someone would aknowledge site-19's destruction. Maybe I am just being impatient, I will just have to wait and see.

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10:19PM CET

*gunfire in the background*


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10:31PM CET

This may very well be my last message.

Everything's gone wrong. Ever since that last attack the radio has been dead silent, and I can't seem to get a hold of anybody. Meme god, Jester, Galaxy, Jakob, Gopnik, everyone on the radio has been dead silent. There have been no responses from Bravo, Same with Juliet; the militia camp by this point is burned to the ground. 

We've been holding out at hotel for nearly a month now, and we're especially cautious about letting people in ever since the infiltration that left Romeo a ghost town. I would've updated the map to reflect our situation, but every scout team I send out never comes back. At least when we lost Site 19, hell even Theta, we had a plan to recover and counterattack. But now, I don't see how any of us will come back from this when everyone is either dead or refusing to communicate. with how much we've lost I'm surprised this fortress hasn't fallen sooner.

I don't know what to do here; A Sergeant can't win a war by himself. I'm begging for anyone, anyone to respond and break the silence. 

Sergeant Sam III, signing off.

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Posted (edited)

~-~Begin Meeting log~-~  

General(REDACTED) Requests a meeting with the Ethics Committee 

Meeting approved 

General: As you may know the Alpha and Omega Warheads were activated at Site 19 , Destroying almost everything.



I propose that we send an MTF unit to recover all the living SCP's that might have survived the Explosion. (committee starts to mumble to each other)  

(REDACTED): Now why would we risk people of our own to their death by furries, Chaos insurgency or living SCP's? Right now we are lower on numbers than EVER before. We cannot risk any more death unless there is a Massive gain from doing so.

General: I know the foundation is against this but we recover the SCP's and


We use them as weapons

(Committee mumbles arise) 


(REDACTED): Now why would we EVER---

General: Stop and hear me out! The Furries are working with the Chaos Insurgency. This means they now have the means to recover an SCP all on there own. We need to level the playing field. 

Either they take the opportunity... Or we do.

Ethics Committee Approves recovery and sends out an MTF unit to Site 19 

~-~End Meeting log~-~ 


~-~Begin Recovery Summary~-~

At site 19 we have recovered 

SCP 173

SCP 106 


SCP 096

SCP 682


SCP 055


SCP 049








~-~End Recovery Summary~-~


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Audio Log #3

Hey boys...This is Commander Jester, it has been a Month and four days since my last log. I set up a rescue team for Galaxy and Jakob but later found out one of us set up their own team without permission if only we have known that before we left. When we arrived at the furries base to save them, we were immediately fired upon as if they knew we were already there. We were in a big shootout for about 3 hours till one of them threw a grenade where we were coving upon, the next thing I knew was I saw Nathan jump on the grenade and died from the blast he saved our dam lives but it wouldn't have mattered on what happened next, then next I remembered was a flash, it was no ordinary flash, this one was different as it came from the sky, I fell down and another explosion happened which killed Issac Clarke. I saw John get teared up by those fuckers and another explosion covered me with rubble but enough to see John get his faced tore right off. *holds back tears* I have no idea how they knew we were there, but I passed out after that and when I woke up again there the whole base was gone, as if someone blew that shit up, like a warhead under the base just went off. It felt like I have been passed out for 2 days maybe more, as I was very thirsty. My whole sense of direction was lost and soon got lost in the woods, I later found an abandoned town, it seemed like it was here before the war started, cars black from flames, grass inside buildings and every source of power gone. I stayed there for a while which seemed to feel like home. I would have stayed longer but I heard those fuckers same fuckers who tore up John. So I left the next morning, I found an empty water tower due to the hole on the underside. I felt a cold breeze and realized a cold front of a blizzard was about to happen so I got inside the water tower and covered the hole with a tarp and made a small fire with the smoke leaving through the opening of the hole. I stayed there for a while and made it into my own base, I have been hold up here for a while, water is leaking from a pipe within the water tower so it has a good source of water, I will be staying here till help finds me, as I have no idea where I am. >End of Log<


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