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Buddhist Riptin

Ban Appeal for Buddhist Riptin

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Your SteamID64: 76561198048719483

Your Steam Username: Buddhist Riptin

How long ago were you banned: roughly a couple hours ago

How long was your ban for (If you don’t know put N/A): To my knowledge it is a 3 day ban

Who banned you (If you don’t know put N/A): Axel(snow), at least to my knowledge.

Why do you think you were banned: Glitch exploit

Why do you think you should be unbanned: I could go on how there wasn't any gain from my action but that would be 'finding a loophole'.  So, i won't instead i will bring my character and history into it instead. Generally i am helpful to staff. Even though i am not one myself. Most staff can vouch for that attribute of mine. Whether it is team killers or 'N' droppers. I do help.  How my ban situation unfolded i regret and apologize for. Long story short a simple experiment with Larry's power lead to a somewhat heated debate with staff and i acted rather foolishly by interrupting(teleporting) him as he tried to warn me.  Although, prior to the warn i did in fact stop and was shortly banned afterwards during the same round. Not a simple soul to my knowledge was killed or hurt through my actions, nor did i earn a victory from it. Would i like the ban to go away? Yes, but i think the idea of taking some time out(like i have) is more than responsible than the max 3 day ban. I even went out my way to apologize to the staff member that banned me. While i can't change the past i can with the future.

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