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Royal king kaz

Re work rules?

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Well I was hoping to talk about the warning system in the game.

Okay  let's begin

I honestly think the warning system is a bit stupid no offense.

But if someone willingly Chucked a grenade into elevator filled with NTF. Honestly a warning is not going to stop him doing it again, just think about it if they have the mentality or ill goals to do something like that they're just going to hop into another server and do it again. However, I say that should be around about a 1-2 week ban minimum.

Also purposeful team killing if it's 3 more should be a week ban  for first offense. 1day-2week ban depending on the severity of the situation.

Second offense should be 4 week ban

3rd offense permanent ban.

I say things to Warn would be in the list below


Hate speech

Mic spamming

SCP helping (as in NTF helping SCP's unless it's to kill that camper or cheater that's in the game as in the rules in discord.) Remember only only d class scientists and chaos are allowed to team with SCPs.

NTF/chaos teaming is forbidden.

Closing doors on your teammates with ill intent.(or closing doors repeatedly).

Delaying rounds.


Teaming Killing (2 and Bellow)

Stream sniping

Not listing to staff.



Not following these rules will lead to ban/kick.


Anyways that's just a concept please tell me if you are agree or not.





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I agree with most of this but teamkilling 2 people should be an instant ban. Of course you still need to gather info about the person if they actually teamkilled or if they are just being framed. But other than that I do mostly agree with this. But also, what if they say, without anyone in the elevator, “hey imma throw a nade in here and send it back down.” And 2 people get in, would that be considered a ban or no? Personally I would say no cause they had a different intention of tryna kill scps in the elevator and 2 people just got in. On the other hand, one of the rules does state don’t throw one in with other teammates. 


What at do you think?

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True I do agree with you.

But, the "I'll intent" to kill someone else other than SCPs should should be a ban. Like if all the NTF was in the elevator and you decide to Chuck in a grenade.

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We are already working on a new system but your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.

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