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Staff Application

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Steam Name:

A: Walrus_SpamD063


Discord Name:









What Country and Time Zone are you from?

A: I am from the U.S and Eastern standard time


How did you hear of Kurva?

A: Basically ever since I started playing, within the first few hours of me playing I found the server and I really enjoy it!


How long have you played SCP:SL?

A: About 50 hours (may have changed by the time you're reading this)


Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: The reason I want to be staff is because of the experience I've had on the server, for the most part the server has been really enjoyable and a lot of people have been fairly nice to me. However, there is always those few people who are just there to ruin your experience and just make you want to switch servers. About 50% of the time admins/mods are on, however the other 50% they wont stop and it gets really irritating. People just want to enjoy the game without being constantly killed. Then comes the verbal toxicity, I haven't ran into much of it but I have experienced it a few times. While its not always directed at me toxic people can really get under the skin of some players and the game would be better without them. I also will not condone racial slurs of any kind. If people are arguing I will always try my best to see both sides and not be arguing. I will not spam events every round but I will do them once in a while so everyone can have fun. I will try to make the community a better place for everyone with out being a super strict dictator who bans at any sign of a swear. If someone team kills I will find out if it was crossfire or intentional, everyone will have 1 warning then a ban. However, there are sometimes when an extremely toxic person gets team killed and if it is really justified then I might let the team kill slide but only if the victim of the TK was really deserving of it. I play SCP a lot so I will be able to moderate the server a lot. 


Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: As I stated before I play SCP a lot so I will always be ready to handle a problem and also have fun with the community. There are some staff that are constantly harassed and sometimes its because they do something the server doesn't like. I will always take the opinion of the people into consideration and while doing events I will have a vote. This is due to the fact that just because I may be staff (if I get accepted) I want the players to know that they have a say and everything I do will be fair. I also know a staff named Cherry pretty well so Cherry and I could always collaborate to spice things up in an event. I don't think I will be the best staff but in my opinion I will be fair and always try to make the best community, my friends play a lot on this server to so I would always try to make things enjoyable for them without abusing. (I wont repeatedly make them the class they want because that wouldn't be fair to others but I would try to have fun with them and SOMETIMES let them pick events however that is if the vote is a tie. The votes overrule all, even if I am hoping to do one event over the other I will not chose that event without the players having a say in it). I will uphold the rules of the server


Are you familiar with our rules?

A: Yes I know most of them, here is a list of them in my own words off the top of my head.

Do not harass people based on race or gender (Just don't harass anyone at all)

No mic spam/earrape

Any arguments can be ended by consulting a staff 

If you have any questions ask the staff but don't be mad if they don't know or if they take long to answer have patience 

Do not be toxic to others and ruin the game for them 

Do not intentionally TK especially in bulk

Don't annoy staff (asking to be _____ etc.)

Don't hack/glitch

MTF cannot team with SCPs

No delaying rounds

Do not stream snipe 

Those are the rules I know off of the top of my head I don't think I missed any but I might of.


Do you have any experience in Game Moderation?

A: I have a few mostly on my friends Minecraft servers where I would ban hackers and sometimes troll them. I would also mute toxic people/people who would harass others. I played Minecraft a lot and I still do play it but I'm no longer an admin on any servers. I do own a realm but that's with my friends, however if they do grief a lot then that's a temp ban. Besides a few Minecraft servers nothing much unless you count me banning people from the clan in CoC when I was 7 for saying the f word. I did get a lot of moderation experience from those Minecraft days though. Especially since I was admin for years.

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Application Denied. For more information, DM @Cherry#0173, @Pugz#2230, or @TSMRE#2814  


Were currently looking for people with a little bit more experience playing SL. Play for a bit more and then feel free to reapply 

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