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Ban appeal Simarded

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steam ID 76561198041966801

Username: Simared

How long ago: 10 minutes

How long was ban for: I am not sure but frozoner wants it to be permanant

Who banned you: Frozoner

Why do I think i was banned: I WAS banned for self defending myself against someone who shot me first I was shot but a mp5 shotgun and I killed the other person in return, they had intent to kill and damaged me.

Why should i be unbanned: I was not given a proper mod sit for one tk, it does not even count as TK is was defense, there is no evidence the moderator has and i had no evidence either becuase the moderator instantly banned me without any kind of warning which is against the rules unless I has a BOS ( ban on sight ) which I did not, this is unfair and Frozoner did not follow any rules.

last time i made an appeal no one cared I would love to see where this gets me.

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