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Simarded Ban appeal ( read plez )

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Steam64 76561198041966801

Username: Simarded

How long ago were you banned: 1 day ago

How long was your ban: suppose to be 1 day turned out to be N/A amount

Who banned you: Kit-Kat

Why do you think you were banned: I was banned for falsely team killing two people and avoiding being banned by a moderator. The first time i was "warned" it was not an official documented warn by Kit-Kat, both me and the guy I teamkilled ( YearlingPrism) were perfectly ok with killing eachother and were told by a moderator that we were allowed to team kill ONLY eachother if we plan it before hand which we always do and we always allow eachother to kill eachother, so that warn doesn't even count even if it was offical. I did team kill someone inside of SCP 106 bubble because they threaten me first but I would gladly take the 1 day for that teamkill and i 100% accept that 1 day, it has been a day already and im still banned which is why I am making this appeal. It was labeled as " avoiding moderators" by Kit-Kat which is absolute lies because there was no moderators on the server at the time, how could i avoid moderators when there are no moderators online? I changed my name to ":banana bob "which is another name of mine i used before as well as " Simarded=Hoes Mad ". Even if these names count as "avoiding moderators when they arent even online" They linked my steam account in the scp report discord when i checked if after my ban. 

Why should i be unbanned: I was banned for unofficial, non recorded warns, and unreasonable reasons by Kit-Kat who already has a history of not making the right decision at times, if you need proof or evidence add my discord Simarded#0031 and i will get Yearling to prove we allow eachother and the discord where Kit-Kat promised 1 Day Ban not More than that. Lastly,  I do deserve the ban for the TK on danny devivo in the 106 room, however it has already been a day of ban so i would say that it was already counted for.


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