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Dgrunkle Sam III

Staff Application: Dgrunkle Sam III

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Steam Name:

    Dgrunkle Sam III

Discord Name:

    Dgrunkle Sam III (ID is #0407)





Country & Time Zone:

    USA; Eastern Daylight Time

How did you hear of Kurva?

    After the USA servers for Mistaken shut down, I drifted from server to server, eventually settling on the Kurva Gaming servers as they had everything I wanted.

How long have you played SCP:SL?

    I have 857 hours total on the game, and that number will only continue to skyrocket.

Why do you want to be a part of the staff team?

     For the time I've played on this server I've run into constant rule breaking; grenade after grenade; teamkill after teamkill; time and time again I never had the ability to do much as I had no recording software to give mods enough proof to take action. Now, I finally do have that desired tool, and as luck would have it applications are open again. Given that I now have the summer off I can do what I've been wanting to do for nearly a year; make the servers I play on more enjoyable, with less grenade throwing, elevator slaughtering maniacs plaguing the community.

Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?

    I fully realize the power that would be bestowed upon me should this application succeed, and having seen the horrors caused by such power being wielded in a corrupt manner (Refer to 12/11 of last year) I seek to be responsible with such an honor, remembering who exactly I'm wielding this power for; that being the people I came from that simply come to the server to have a good time. I also am currently unemployed (shocker for a teenager right?) and will have more time to moderate the servers while other mods will be working and sustaining their livelihoods, though this could change in the future should I manage to get employed in the real world.

Are you familiar with our rules?

    Yes, I refer to them every now and then should something occur in-game or on the discord if there's confusion on whether or not an act is breaking the rules. 

Do you have experience in Game Moderation?

    No, but like I said I know the rules of the server and I already know that it takes more than a photograph to get someone in trouble, so unless someone brings up a video of an offense all I'll do is get on to moderate the player in question.

Edited by Dgrunkle Sam III
Bugged paragraphs (Random spaces mixed in some paragraphs) and finishing touchs to the application (Bolding the questions and fixing some grammar issues).

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20 hours ago, TechStar123 said:

+Good staff app
+Very active/long time member

-lack of experience

don't recall putting you in charge of apps mr techy wechy 

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Application accepted! To schedule an interview, please DM @After Story#2357, @~Gray~#6013, or @Mysterion#0296

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