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Reupload of Melonman's Staff app

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Steam name:

A: Melonman

Discord name:

A: Ditched


A: 14


A: 76561198091393553

What Country and time zone are you from?

A: USA, Eastern

How did you hear of Kurva?

A: I go to school with ~Gray~ and he told me to download SCP SL and join Kurva.

How long have you played SCP: SL?

A: 58 hours all on Kurva

Why do you want to be on the staff team?

A: So first, I have been talking with ~Gray~ and we may or may not have discussed some poor staff choices. If he is reading this he will know what im talking about. I figure that it has been long enough, and I want to contribute to the players and help them if possible. Second, I have reported a fair share of rule breakers and have communicated with ~Gray~ to confront some of them. I also found a lot of cases of racism and all others things in that variety, where nobody responds or cares. And finally, I just want to help anyone who is unhappy about what is happening in the game.

Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?

A: I can be on if needed, I am mostly on over the weekend, and can observe anything that happens in the servers. I am not afraid to punish anyone who breaks the rules to any extent. Have worked well with some of the past or present staff members. I always follow the server rules, and if anyone doesn't know the rules I tell them what the rules are. I just try to help anyone who needs help. I try to play as it is a realistic environment. As if I were MTF I use military callouts ant tactics to take out anything that poses a threat to the Foundation. If im a d-class I will communicate with others to escape the facility as if my life depends on it.

Are you familiar with our rules?

A: Very much so, Yes.

Do you have any experience in game moderation?

A: Yes have hosted a few events in other games. And acted as a second in a few servers.

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Application Denied. Please Re-apply when you have gotten more hours in SCP:SL. For more information please contact @Pugz#2230, @Cherry#7312, or TSMRE#2814

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