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Danny DeVito's Staff Application

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Steam Name:

A: Danny DeVito 


Discord Name:

A: Danny DeVito#2893



A: 16



A: 76561198258874945


What Country and Time Zone are you from?

A: USA ;Eastern Standard Time (EST)


How did you hear of Kurva?

A: First server I saw that seemed active


How long have you played SCP:SL?

A: 290 hours


Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: During my time playing on this server, I wanted it to be free of constant rule breaking because not only it annoyed me but it also annoyed the other players that they left to the other two servers. I respect the time and effort that the moderators placed on the Kurva servers, but most of the time there are only one or two (sometimes none) online playing SCP:SL. I have seen too many rule breakers, and not only the ones with minor offenses, but also the ones who break the game, cheat, and annoy on purpose including the team killing. Seeing other moderators doing their stuff, I know how to take care of a server like it's my child. I just want to do like everyone else are doing, but just always online.

Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: As I said in the paragraph above, there weren't any staff online during those examples, but with me on board, I can moderate constantly. I come back from school around 3 and hop on around 4 playing SCP:SL or other games like Rust. I can spend around 8 hours+ playing on the Kurva servers because the community is great to play with, and I have nothing else on my schedule. I spend most of my time on the servers around 8 PM to 2 AM, depends if I'm tired or not. With nothing else to do other then go to school, hangout, and go home, its safe to say that i'm addicted to this game and this server. (Also Cherry showed me that events are just so good, especially the dueling event)


Are you familiar with our rules?

A: yes

Do you have any experience in Game Moderation?
A: Two GMod servers (which I stopped moderating) and a Rust server

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Application accepted! To schedule an interview, please DM @~Gray~#6013, @Mysterion#0296, @BadlandsChugs#3768, or @After Story#2357

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