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Big Boss Sauce

Ban Appeal - Big Boss Sauce

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SteamID64: 76561198058560211

Steam Username: Big Boss Sauce

How long ago were you banned: About 15 mins. ago

How long was your ban for: N/A

Why do you think you were banned: Honestly I'm not too sure I was banned without warning. I did have a team kill prior but it was settled with mods without issue.

Why do you think you should be unbanned: I dont think I did anything wrong nor do I want to get banned on this server because Kurva is my favorite one to play on.

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Hey I'm not sure who banned him I just wrote a warn report It got setteled he miss threw a grenade some people said he did it on purpose but Icant be sure so I just warned him and said toss your grenades better issue done unti l 5 minutes latewr he got banned for no apparent reason. so I sent him here and Told him to appeal I think he should be reinstated ASAP I think he genuinely just miss threw the grenade



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