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Yugi Muto

Bingel64's Application

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Steam Name:

A:Yugi Muto


Discord Name:









What Country and Time Zone are you from?



How did you hear of Kurva?

A:Server list


How long have you played SCP:SL?

A: 99 hours


Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A:I like the community here, most of the people are kind and funny and I would like to be a positive thing for the community, There are some people who are negative on in the community I would like to be a part of the community that helps solve that issue. I'm on a lot and I feel as if I could help out. I do not like when people make the game a negative experience for others and I would be happy to be part of the solution to the problem I like to make others around me happy. This is why i want to be a part of the staff team to make the experience for others more positive so that they might bring more people into this community of ours



Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: because I can help moderate the SCP servers and help make sure everyone is having a positive experience. From what I can tell while most people are positive there are some who are a negative influence on the community and I feel as if I can help keep that to a minimum and make the servers a more positive experience for people that way they are more likely to come back for more fun experiences and they in turn will be more positive to others. I try to be a positive person to the people around me so I feel as if I am givin the opportunity this community can become a more pleasant experience for all who are involved.  I will be very active and very dedicated to making your servers a fun environment for all who join



Are you familiar with our rules?

A: Yes, I have read them on the discord and in the info of the game server

Do you have any experience in Game Moderation?
A:No, but I hope this will be the start

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I have double the hours now

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Application accepted! To schedule an interview, please DM @~Gray~#6013, @Mysterion#0296, @BadlandsChugs#3768, or @After Story#2357. 

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