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Guest cullen reynolds

Yeets Staff App.

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Guest cullen reynolds

MC Name:

A: ribey1


Discord Name:

A: yeet meister



A: 17 (18 in april)


What Country and Time Zone are you from?



How did you hear of KurvaCraft?

A: im staff in it


How long have you played MC and what level of experience do you have with it?

A: long time playing it. Not much for the commands.


Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: I want to be staff on the mc because i know i am not doing my part as a scp:sl staff and i would like to do my part as a mc staff because it is a game i like to play and feel that it is something i would be more active on.


Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: I would make a good addition to the mc staff because i am a very funny and likeable person and i want to start helping more other than in the discord server but in a way where the community would see me more and get to interact more.

Do you have any experience in MC Moderation?
A: no

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