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holysilman's staff app

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MC Name:

A: holysilman


Discord Name:

A: Holy#3527



A: 17


What Country and Time Zone are you from?

A: EST or GMT-5:00


How did you hear of KurvaCraft?

A: I am from the SCP servers and I noticed the new Minecraft servers.


How long have you played MC and what level of experience do you have with it?

A: I've had Minecraft for almost 9 years. I have a great amount of experience with the game as I've played more than I would like to admit over the years. Whether that would be completing modded minecraft packs or just doing a small vanilla game with some friends.


Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: I would like to be a part of the staff team as I feel that I can bring a strong enforcement of the rules. There are going to always be trolls, rule breakers, and just general minges that will try to ruin other people's fun by breaking the rules. I also heard that there's going to be a modded Minecraft server, so I am interested in staffing on that as I am well versed in mods and how to help newer players to a modded scenario within Minecraft. Usually the introduction to a modded Minecraft scenario can be confusing to most people, which I hope to help prevent the confusion by offering help to new players to introduce them to the mods and help their problems.


Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)?

A: I would make a good addition to the staff team with my vast knowledge of Minecraft. This vast knowledge can help those who need it with various questions and other things. Given that there is only vanilla or plug-in Minecraft servers, I can also make a great addition there to help keep the rules enforced upon the server and to make sure no one steps out of bounds. I have plenty of free time to dedicate to the server, in which I plan on using given that I am accepted. My vast amount of experience can also contribute as it would prevent silly mistakes and allow critical thought to be put within solving problems within the servers.

Do you have any experience in MC Moderation?
A: Yes, a while ago I was put in charge of staffing the Minecraft server of another community that was very successful in other games. As well as I have experience with building structures, admining the servers, and watching over other staff as a manager throughout various communities that of which I knew no one at first.

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Application Accepted. Message NotADev#3847 to schedule an interview.

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