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Overfriended's Developer Application

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MC Name:

A: overfriended


Discord Name:

A: overfriended#3482



A: 14 


What Country and Time Zone are you from?

A: I'm from Canada, near EST timezone.


How did you hear of KurvaCraft?

A: I heard of it from the discord server. I saw that applications for developer were open so I took the opportunity and tried applying.


How long have you played MC?

A: I've been playing since January of 2013, so 6 years.


How long have you developed for MC?

A: I've developed for 3 years, but I've come to know a lot about development. Obviously I'm not the best because I've been away from Java development for a while but I'll be able to get back to it pretty quickly.


How long have you developed in general?

A: I've started developing back in 2014 on ROBLOX. It was a neat starting platform at the time, so then I made my first games there. Now I've done Lua, Java, C#, and more. So, in total, around 5 years.


Provide a link to any projects in any language that you have made:

A: This is a really old project, but go ahead and judge me. https://github.com/overfriended/ChaoticCores/blob/master/src/me/chaoticmc/core/Core.java

At the time I was just testing with a lot of stuff. I don't really post my projects on github, but I know I should start.


Why do you want to be one of our devs (100 word minimum)?

A: I would like to be one of your developers so I can improve on my own Java development skills. I've been away from the scene for quite a while now so I would really enjoy being able to come back and start my career anew, however trash I may now be. I should be at least decent, however, so I can do a lot of the things you may require. I do not require payment, so I can do anything you want, if it's in my abilities, for free because I can get valuable experience off of it. By being able to help you guys, I'm sure I can learn quite a bit about programming here.


Why would you make a good addition to the dev team (100 word minimum)?

A: I would make a good addition to the development team by being able to share my own thoughts on subjects such as what we should do for the server. I have quite a few ideas I want to implement into the server and I think that they would make quite a good addition to the server. I have also done quite a few servers before, so I know what kind of fun ideas we can implement to help get the server more popular. I have done multiple projects before, not on github, but I have been able to complete them most of the time, and right now I feel like I can do a lot of the stuff I've wanted to do really well. I'm not sure I can make custom enchantments just yet, but soon I may be able to. I've also owned my own servers before, so I can give some tips.


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