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Found 10 results

  1. Chillintoo

    Chillintoo Staff Application

    Steam Name: Chillintoo Discord Name: Chillintoo #6965 Age: 14 Steam ID64: https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198283256881 Country and Time Zone: United States, Eastern Standard Time How I heard of Kurva: found it in the server browser How long have a played SCP:SL: I've owned the game since July 2018 but started playing more late March this year, I have 214 hours of playtime Why I want to be on staff: I want to be on staff for a few reasons. First is because there is a lot of team killing and hacking on the server,most times there isn't anyone one later in the night and its hard to get people on even during the day. Second is because I haven't been a major part of a gaming community in the past and I think becoming staff would be a part of that. Third is because I want to be on in on the fun end Admin Abuse Sunday. Fourth is because I enjoy teaching newer players the basics of the game. Why I Would be helpful on staff: I think I would be helpful to have on staff for many reasons. First is that I am usually on later then most other people and don't have very many obligations other then Mondays , I also respond to discord and steam quickly. Second is that I am an unbiased person and I won't ban someone because I don't like them. Third is as mentioned in the previous question I enjoy helping newer players learn how the game and server works. Fourth is that I am thorough with TK's, mainly me finding a person who just left and changed names. Am I familiar with the server's rules: Yes Do I have any game moderation experience: No
  2. Laggy_

    LaggyDouble__'s Staff app

    Steam Name: A: LaggyDouble__ Discord Name: A: LaggyDouble__#3350 Age: A: 14 SteamID64: A: 76561198149467311 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: I'm From Canada and my time zone is EST How did you hear of Kurva? A: From either CHerry or a different friend. How long have you played SCP:SL? A: Almost 400 hours. Spending at least 300 of those hours on Kurva. (I've been playing SCP for about 8 months or so i have no life) Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I want to be a mod because when i'm on i almost never see mods on. When i do they usually are very helpful. However for those times when there are not any mods on, i'd like to contribute. I've seen so many Elevator Grenades go off and by the time a mod gets on the guy leaves same goes with mass team kill. I just want everyone to have a fun time. I spend at least an hour a day on SCP SL and usually i'd default to Kurva. I think i'd really enjoy being a mod and being even more active with the Kurva community. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: For starters i have no life so i can spend as much time on SCP SL as much as i want. I could spend up to 4-5 hours a day. I try to be respectful to everyone unless they have beef with me. I also am kinda known in the Kurva Community. I've reported several cases of TK and Elevator Grenades and i'd try to make sure that everyone has fun. If i become a staff i'll have more reason to be on Kurva even more. I don't want to be an admin to be that guy who's doing it just to feel power. I just want to be a mod to help out even more. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes i haven't been warned in since the first time i played on Kurva to my knowledge. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: A little bit. I've helped with a friends server that got shut down and more recently I've been on Banana's Admin Abuse server testing out commands.
  3. Professor Nixon

    Professor Nixon's Application

    Steam Name: A: Professor Nixon Discord Name: A: Nichard Rixon#8082 Age: A: 17 (Birth Date of April 16, 2001) SteamID64: A: 76561197960287930 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: United States of America, Florida, EST How did you hear of Kurva? A: I heard about Kurva by playing SCP:SL. I originally played in a server chain called "Pantheon". The server itself was good, but the connection, being in Australia, was crappy. I then looked for multiple different servers, then I stumbled on this server chain. I rarely played on any other server since. How long have you played SCP:SL? A: 307 hours since at least April 1, 2018. Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I want to be part of the Kurva Gaming staff team because I want to be part of a community that I genuinely believe has potential. I have been in Kurva Gaming for under a year, and the fact that this community can come back from a catastrophe as tragic as "The Raid" is astounding. I believe that this community has potential if this community can come back from a raid like this. Furthermore, this community is relatively non-toxic, compared to other communities on Discord, or even SCP:SL. In conclusion, I want to be in the staff team because I want to play my part in a community that has a very good track record, and when the record goes off the rails, the community bounces back. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I would make an excellent addition to the staff team because, in part, to my age. If my observations are correct, and I believe they are, then I am seeing a lot of moderators younger than me. My age, although not very unique,would be gladly appreciated by the staff and any player that would need a moderator in a Kurva Gaming server. Although I usually have school on weekdays from 8:45 to 3:30 EST, and getting home at 3:50 EST, I have the discord app on my phone, so I can still police the discord and communicate with staff at school, although this is limited naturally because teachers have different phone policies. My point is that no matter where I am, if I'm on my computer, or at school, I can be contacted, and I can police the discord server pretty much all day. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes, I never have been kicked or banned once in Kurva Gaming history, at least that I am aware. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: I moderated on a small Minecraft server. I do not remember the name, but 2 weeks after, the server reset and I lost my rank. This was 3 years ago. Other than this, I have no moderating experience. However, I am not the type of person to break the rules, unless if it's a VERY, VERY stupid rule. However, all of Kurva Gaming's rules are reasonable and do not break the game experience, as far as I can tell.
  4. Tehzerr

    Staff Application for Bubby Car

    Steam Name: A: bubby car Discord Name: A: Tehzerr (but im nicknamed mindow wilk in discord) Tehzerr#9519 Age: A: 15 SteamID64: A: 76561197960287930 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA EST How did you hear of Kurva? A: My friend window milk, he has played it longer than me and got me into it. He said to only play on kurva, and so that's what I do. How long have you played SCP:SL? A: around 80 hours, and I put on around 2 a day. I'm pretty addicted. I've been playing it for around 2 months ish other than that. Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I feel like I would do a good job, I know how to converse with people and am fair in terms of warns, kicks, and temp bans. I think that there isn't a mod online a lot on kurva and since I play it so often, I would like to fix that so then theres less elevator-grenadage. That's common, and sometimes there aren't any mods or admins online. I'd like to be that one that is online, and then I can help with ending that elevator grenadage ceasing. Also, I record all my gameplay because of mass teamkilling and hacking and such. I think this will be a valuable asset to the server. One last thing is that I enjoy being able to help and assist people in games. I've been in situations where someone would just kill me on site purely because I killed them as an SCP. I hear it happen a lot, and I'd like to do a few things about it. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I've got experience, and I also am good at the game. I know when someone is lying about what they did in game and I can tell when people aren't in crossfire. I know a lot of the regulars on the server, and I know how to handle a multitude of situations. I've monitored how other mods and admins handle things and I will try my best to replicate how they handle things, but I will need a little help now and then since nobody's perfect and I don't want to try to portray myself that way. Hopefully, I will learn the ways of being a mod and can become a good and helpful addition to the team. Plus, like I stated before, I monitor the chaos and MTF spawns to make sure there isn't any mass teamkilling and also record my gameplay. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes, very familiar. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: I was a moderator in minecraft and ran my own server for a while, but then I stopped playing it so the sever went down too.
  5. Steam Name: A: Royal king kaz | orange jesters Discord Name: A: joker card's of 0 Age: A: 18 SteamID64: A: 76561198815428271 [click here] What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: U.S Time zone (CDT) How did you hear of Kurva? A: by my friend Buda riptin How long have you played SCP:SL? A: in game time is currently : days 5 day 1h 6 mins exactly. Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: the main reason why I want to be part of the staff team it's to help everyone that I come across. I want to stop the team killing, give out warnings, racism, Mic spaming, hate speeches and generally being a nice and healthy face that everyone can rely on when they need help. And I'm also really dedicated to the server, I absolutely love helping and enjoy being around all the staff team and I get along well with almost every one. I would like to try out new things and get used to handling reports and looking deep into things and give a rightful judgement upon my suspect. I'll be fair I'll give it my best, and try my all my best at it. I read all the rules which to this day I still see people abusing these rules. also, I deal with stress easily, and I don't cave in. I try to think of a quick way around or over the task at hand and finish it how ever I can. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100-word minimum)? A: like I stated above "...I want to stop the team killing, give out warnings, racism, Mic spamming, hate speeches..." And I mean that I see so many members abusing these rules. I would like to see a minority of that stop. I know it's impossible to have it completely stop because it's free to play the game. But at least it will be less chaotic. Also, I would love to assert myself in this role I know I would be a great addition to the team. And climb my way up the ranks I will certainly try my best if given this role and follow the rules closely. (edit: 12/2/2018 | Reason: adding and fixing errors) also, I'm beginning to love this community, however, I needed a break because of the toxicity that some people creat (that's why I was laking in hours this week). Other than that I love how this server finds new ways to bring people in making or adding plugins server events etc. I love you guys have a good time ________ edit: Tuesday December 13th 1:52 a.m. and after everything that happened I will remain loyal to this server and help however when ever i can. i wish nothing but the best for everyone in this server and if I'm givin this position I'll make sure all that's under my care will have fair judgement and a voice when it comes to things. Are you familiar with our rules? A: yes. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: yes there is this game called Arma 3 I started out as trial staffing eventually got "community lead" my main goal as community lead was to focus on how staff is handling there jobs. Mainly making alt accounts and causing a ruckus to see how my fellow staff members would react. Some Passed most did not. Stop stop playing after playing 5 years on the server also I was a trial staff on a Garry's Mod server ttt dinkleberg. I got all the way up to senior administrator then I eventually left after playing 3 years on Garry's Mod. but never been a staff on a SCP server.
  6. Steam Name: A: DESTOROYAH™ Discord Name: A: The_indesirible#4831 Age: A: 16 SteamID64: A: 76561198450237570 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: central standard time How did you hear of Kurva? A: Doggo hub merge. How long have you played SCP:SL? A: 882 hours Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: Mainly because i have been here for a while ever since steptember, and i have stayed and tried to help as best as i could for the amount of time i have been on and stayed on kurva dispite feeling unwelcomed and exhausted with the drama when a bunch of staff had grown tired and left or even retaliated with raids or stuff like that, i have stayed loyal to kurva all the way to the end, and i still plan on staying as i wish to still be a staff member and help out to the maximum of my ability. I still care a lot about kurva and the community and i want them to be happy and help things get better and help us improve with the mistakes and issues we have had in the past. I know i had admin handed to me on a golden platter but that isn't why i want to help, i want to help because this community needs it and i have grown with this community and enjoyed it and i want to give back to the community, plus i belive that this would now be my cyhance to prove that i want to help as best as i canm and i will be able to demonstrate that through my trial period as i know i won't be given admin back for a while because of the new restructure, which is a little sad but I am perfectly fine with it because io know this is a necessary change and i truely am thankful for being able to be staff on here. Plus I wanted to stay with this til the very end and i don't want this to be that end, there are still so meny things that can help kurva get back on it's feet and i wish to play a bigger part in reviving kurva. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I very well belive that i will be a good addition to kurva since i have been here as staff for a while and I have caught quite a bit of people for teamkilling, n word, and hackers, even wehn thye change their names and use a voice changer to avoid getting caught before the kill logs were added back.Along with this durring my time as an admin I have always tried my best to be a good admin or even just a staff member, both in game and the communityand I have attempted to prevent any kind of drama that could happen, hell even at this moment i'm still trying to stop people from causing any potential drama dispite not really being staff anymore because I want to show that I am still dedicated. Along with this I have also stuck with this community even durring the points where i have been drained to the point of needing to sleep afterwards and I have pushed my energy as far as it could go until the situation calms down. I have been VERY loyal to kurva and durring the times that most people left over frustration and where it was very understandable that they have, I stayed for the sake of a hiope that i can help kurva improve and if that isn't dedication, i don't know what is. Now I am fulkly aware that i have some very deep flaws and mistakes, for example: I was at lots of times too inactive on the servers sometimes, and I really should have been on alot more to bond both with staff and the community and assit trial mods and the other staff with what they need and to help train them on what they should and should not do, and I should have talked alot more in the general chat in the discord as well so that way people can get to know me a bit more and bond with them and I true;ly am sorry i made these mistakes, howver one thing that is good is that I accept and take credit for all my mistakes and deeply apologize for them and try my absolute damnest to make up for it and improve, along with being very able to learn and improve from my mistakes and i always welcome criticism, and I belive that the trial mod period will be a great help for me to be retrained by it and get into the mindset of doing my absolute best, plus that will set my mind into overdrive knowing that i only have 2 weeks to provbe myself and do my absolute best to earn my spot in the staff team, i may have been given staff bvefore, but now is my time to EARN it back this time. I know i have had expirence from here and thus, know a bit more then freash new staff but here is what i belive; all though i have expirence that doesn't mean much if i don't show it and bring good things to the table, as a staff member could have expiorence but could of been ether bad or not do that much to help out will be much less attractive to stay staff compared to brand new staff who makes lots of mistakes, BUT very willing and wanting to be as active as possible and improve as much as they can and learn to be a better staff member. It;s not about the fact that i was a staff member that I want to come back, it's because i want to relearn and get much better then i ever was before til the point that I am a different staff member then what i was before. So if i do get accepted, i will try to learn as much as possible to be a proper mod/admin/whatever i become and improve on my flaws by being ALOT more active on the servers and being more talkative and more active in the discord outside of staff chat and try my best to not repeat the mistakes i have made the first time. So in short, I should be accepted and would make a good staff member becuase i am willing to improve, help out, and have been loyal to kurva and am willing to learn to get more involved and find out new ways to make things better so that way, both staff and the comunity both benefit equally, not because of my expirence. Howver if I don';t get accepted, I'll understand and be fine with it and i thank you for both the time here, and the fun, and for taking your time to read this and respond to me. Along with this wether i get accepted or not please tell me what i can and need to do to improve and get and be better as both a staff member and a community member. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes, very. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: Yes i have plenty of expirience, both from klurva and peanut worshipers.
  7. Steam Name: A: TheColorRed Discord Name: A: TheColorRed#9113 Age: A: 17 Steam ID: A: 0:0:40316406 Steam ID64: A: 76561198040898540 What Country and time zone are you from?: A: USA EST How did you hear about Kurva Gaming?: A: I found kurva via server list, played kurva for around 16-17 weeks and applied for staff. I was accepted and passed my trial mod period. How long have you played SCP:SL?: A: 711 hours (I started playing SCP SL in April) Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: A: I would love to become a staff member of Kurva again because I want to help the community as best as I can. I know the rules of Kurva due to my experiences policing Kurva servers during my time as a staff before the whole merge crisis. Kurva servers are the only servers that I play on and they are the only servers that I feel comfortable playing due to the plug ins and the awesome community that I was apart of 3 days ago before the roles were revoked and what not. I am on SCP SL every night playing and having a good time with people that I see on Kurva and that I have met due to the experiences and memories that were created while playing Kurva servers. I love to talk and help players when ever I can, whether its giving them items in game to giving them hints and tricks on how the game works and what not. I have over 700 hours in game and most of those hours were put into playing Kurva servers. I have met so many cool people during my time on Kurva and the people I met on Kurva and I've made so many friends while playing. The community that revolves around Kurva is amazing, honestly. With all my good experiences, come the bad ones. Now these bad experiences are not as common as the good, but they are still prevelent. During my trial mod period, I have got 61 warns playing on FF on servers and seeing all the tk and racism really made me sick. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to help get rid of these toxic players and make players experiences on Kurva a fun and memorable time and I would like to have that opportunity again. I want to make the Kurva Gaming experience a fun and memorable for everyone. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: A: I would make a good addition to the staff team because I know the rules of Kurva due to my experiences as staff before. I can get along with anyone and have no beef or issues with anyone on Kurva. I was playing Kurva servers since the first or second week of May to now and still play on Kurva servers to this day. I am friendly with everyone and I can get along with people easily. I have made friends with other staff before and during my time as a staff on Kurva and they only grew more. I know the rules of Kurva real well as I was a staff before and I got 61 warns during my trial period. I was also helping players with issues in SCP Support when I was on and I helped players deal with tk'ers and toxic players. I am no stranger to people who break rules and I have dealt with them before. In addition to this I love helping other staff set up events and I love to give ideas about events that could make the player experience more memorable. Are you familiar with our rules?: A: Yes, I am familiar with Kurva's rules since I was a moderator and I had to know the rules in order to do my job effectively and correctly. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation?: A: Yes, I was a Tiral Moderator and Moderator on Kurva Gaming before.
  8. Billy William

    Willy's Application

    Steam Name: A: Billy William ( lovebird1238 ) Discord Name: A: williamwilliam (LB)#0413 Age: A: 18 SteamID64: A: 76561198092726312 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA, Florida, Eastern Standard Time How did you hear of Kurva? A: Honestly, just randomly clicked on a random server in SCP:SL server browser... How long have you played SCP:SL? A: Steam says 55 hours Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I would like to help the staff out. I'd like to be able to help the server at large and help anyone with any issues of friendly fire, over-doing it with mic spam, closing doors on others, and other items that not only are against the rules but might make the overall playing experience to be bad for the server. I have also had good experiences with the server and would like to be able to be apart of the lovely people who are looking down on me keeping the server up and running. I can also think outside the box and think I could contribute to keeping the server up and running Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I am kind and I care about people. I can think outside the box and thus I might be able to come to a solution that can be good for everyone. In addition, sometimes people are just unavailable so while some others might not be online, I might be able to go on a server when it is required. I also might be able to think of ways that might make our server more favorable than other servers. For instance, maybe making it so if someone says they were killed for anti-cheat due to the game "getting confused", they could relog and then be allowed to play. Just an example, however... Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: Vague experience, I was sort of an "I'll keep an eye out and if something goes wrong I will tell an actual admin" which on the server was the title of moderator.
  9. Steam Name: A: Cryker Discord Name: A: Cryker Age: A: 15 SteamID64: A: 76561198069610347 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA, EST How did you hear of Kurva? A: I kinda used to be staff. How long have you played SCP:SL? A: 251 hours, all on Kurva. Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: Pretty much, I was already staff before, so i'm not sure if this is really that much needed to fill out, but earlier, I had lost interest in the game. However, with the addition of the new SCP RP and DarkRP (soon to be server), I feel very interested in being staff again, as I have the senior mod experience, and Gmod experience, along with my previous staff experience. I very much enjoy Gmod, so I could actually be active staff again. Plus, I have realized over my break that even while retired, I still used Kurva as my main chat and chill area, with it being where i spend most of my time on Discord, as I truly think this is a good, growing community. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: Aside from my previous staff experience on this server that has shown my capabilities as staff and my usual dedication, I am invested in the server as I have shown (though unconventional ways that ended up causing that "tiny" drama that occurred a while back), proving my interest in seeing the server grow to its maximum potential. While my retirement period did have that slight incident, as staff, I was dedicated, working (and bribing) hard to get up to senior mod. So, now that Kurva has a new server base in need of skilled staff in that game, I am very much interested again. On top of that, Roxy said I could be staff again but then he pulled a Roxy and never made me staff again, so technically I should be staff. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes, as, again, I was kind of already staff. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: I have the 251 hours of SCP experience, all under Kurva as a senior mod (yknow, that previous staff thing). On top of that, since I want to focus on the Gmod side of the server, I have over 1300 hours in Gmod, with 1000 of that being on DarkRP as staff. As staff on that server, I worked up (without paying) from user to mod, then senior mod, then admin, and eventually, head admin.
  10. Laggy_

    Staff application

    Steam Name: A: Laggy_ Discord Name: A: Laggy_ #3350 Age: A: 13 SteamID64: A:76561198149467311 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: I’m from Canada. EST time zone. How did you hear of Kurva? A: I’m pretty sure i heard about Kurva from CHerry. How long have you played SCP:SL? A: I have a total of 180 hours and i started playing on SCP about half a year ago. Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I’d like to be a member of the staff team because i enjoy playing in Kurva. The community is nice and the people who play are usually nice. I would like to contribute to the community and become a mod to help out with problems in the community like people who like to team kill. It also gives me another reason to be more active on Kurva. I also want to enforce the rules because there have been several occasions when somebody breaks the rules and they don’t get any consequences. I just want to help out with the community and help make it more enjoyable. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: Well for starters, I am kind of well known in the community i know a lot of people because I’ve spent about 80 hours on Kurva. I also am very active i usually hop on Kurva at least once every 1-2 days depending on if i’m busy. I’d spend about 1-4 hours on the server if i hop on. I’m very active and i look at discord a lot. I am not bias and i wouldn’t do stuff off of what just 1 person said. I’m not the type of person who holds grudges against people online. I also was a mod on a separate server but the server is gone. The friend who owned it also unfriended me. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes i am. I’ve spent about 80 hours in Kurva and i only got 1 warn to my knowledge and that was in around the first 10 hours. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: Yes i was a mod when i started playing scp for a friends server but he shut it down and we aren’t friends anymore.