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Welcome to our new website!!! 🙂

  • Kurva Gaming Official Rules


    1. 1.Homophobia  is strictly forbidden

    2. 2.Do not make any hurtful, attacking, or/and racist comments (even if quoting)

    3. 3.Regarding the N-word (3-strikes your out): 1 strike = Warning, 2 strikes = 1 week ban, 3 strikes = Perm-Ban

    4. 4.Do not harass, spam, impersonate anybody

    5. 5.Do not delay the rounds by sitting in a room (If you are seen delaying for over 3 minutes you will receive a warning)

    6. 6.Do not mic spam for extensive periods of time (aka Mic Spamming continuously without end)

    7. 7.Do not close doors on your team and ruin the fun (closing doors on your team is allowed but not continuously)

    8. 8.Do not spam staff for a rank or permission you will be warned

    9. 9.Teaming with SCP’s is allowed

    10. 10.Chaos and NTF/Facility Guards cannot team

    11. 11.D-Class and Scientists are allowed to team

    12. 12.Only D-Class, Scientists, and Chaos may team with SCPs

    13. 13.Listen to staff at all time (Do not argue with them what they say goes)

    14. 14.Do not get into fights with each other; If you have a problem with someone bring it to staff

    15. 15.For complaints go to the staff (If the complaint is about staff go to their superior and so on)

    16. 16.Any form of IP stealing, hacking, and/or malware depositing is strictly forbidden

    17. 17.Do not glitch the game to gain an advantage (For ex. Glitching out the game and causing infinite ammo spawn)

    18. 18.When staff are conducting events listen to them (They are doing it for your enjoyment. If you don’t want an event let them know before they do one they always announce them in advance)

    19. 19.Do not stream-snipe (Results in a ban)

    20. 20.Do not join any of the servers with an offensive, harmful, or attacking username

    21. 21.Keep the profanity regulated (As in don’t go on a spree of remarks for 5 minutes)

    22. 22.(Re-added) Do not find loopholes in the rules


    Extra FF Server Rules

    1. 1.There is not to be any intentional tk without rp reason (Staff decides if it is reasonable)

    Punishment Revision


    1. 1.Nade in Elevator: Punish as you would a Mass RDMer (Actual kills don't matter)

    2. 2.Racism:No Change

    3. 3.Cheating:Perma

    4. 4.Teaming: The only reason that ntf and scps should team is to kill a camper/cheater (or in an rp scenario that is being watched by staff which means only when staff are online) At no other time should there be teaming with scps as NTF Punishments for teaming: Immediate Spectator for both sides involved and warn; if the same people warned attempts it again 2 day ban. (if a repeat offender teams with someone who hasn't teamed before only the repeat offender will be banned the new offender would just be spec’ed and warn.)