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  1. Fired again, what a shocker. The Server has gone down a similar path as before, getting ready to crash and burn without the merge this time. The staff are heavily corrupted and follow only their own rules, from what I've both seen and heard. Staff have been bullied off the team and nothing has been done besides promoting the person who did it later on. Staff are inactive and arrogant, and follow one person. Roxyyy rarely does anything on the servers and does not respond to the applications sent to him. (speaking of that, I suggest against applying as it is now, Most of the accepted are part of a friend group which yet again, was a scenario from before with RedWater) and when I confronted roxyyy about firing me, he ended up making it personal (DM ~Gray~#6013 for Screenshots) and even though he's not a bad guy, the server made him bad right now. And if I may mention, the Mute Staff member Kit-Kat, although saying "it's just my sense of humor" has said numerous times about wanting to kill kids and giving reasons why we should be able to. Not a good mindset for a staff member. I recommend leaving this server in it's current state, I know I'm not the only one who has seen this and there have been multiple results to my firing. I do hope the server doesn't crash, but also saying you don't care about it and to "figure your goddamn life out and enjoy it" "Don't waste it on some online community Because that is a fucking stupid decision" even though I didn't spend my life on Kurva and actually go out and do shit (Gardening, Cooking, Walks through woods, etc...) So fix yourself first, Roxyyy. The server is a garbage fire with staff.
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    Laesthetic Staff Application

    Launched on December 29th, 2017. Couldn't have been 2 years.
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    wytom-what you think of me

    Time to clap those cheeks ;>>>>>
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    Thoughts on me uwu

    When was that? Lmao
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    My name jeff

    Follow the format if you want to apply.
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    Thoughts on me uwu

    I’m bored. Say your thoughts on me UwU
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    Pistachio's Discord Mod App <3

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    It’s fun to close doors in their face and yell at them. But as the dog, it’s fun to talk to people as the dog, be it violent or kind
  9. Yeet. DM me on Discord for the shittiest of memes
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    Gray's Staff Application (Yeet)

    Steam Name: ~Gray~ Discord Name: ~Gray~#6013 Age: 15 SteamID64: 76561198113453204 What Country and Time Zone are you from: U.S Eastern Time Zone How Did you hear of Kurva?: Accidentally joined it back in May How long have you played SCP:SL: 497 hours, ~450 on Kurva Why do you want to be part of the Staff Team? (100 word Minimum): Honestly, I still love this community even though I may not always seem to be that great of a person. I played as both a normal player and staff for months, and I can see both sides on a situation - I feel being too strict is an awful turn-out, but having too much fun and not doing your job is bad. I want to help change things for the better and make our team as good as it was before. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum) I have prior experience on this staff team for many months through the updates and the hardships we had - I do admit I got bad near the end due to intense stress and such from something in school, but that is no excuse. I will do my best to make our staff team as good as it was before, and make sure we do not fall into the same issues we did before among staff, such as Toxicity, Inactivity, and Lies. Are you Familiar with our rules: Yes. I was a staff member for months, and know the rules well. Do you have experience in Game Moderation: Yes, I was staff. Thanks for Reading!