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    Buvud's app

    Steam Name: A: Buvud Discord Name: A:Buvud Age: A: 17 SteamID64: A: 76561198146911989 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA. EST How did you hear of Kurva? A: been staff for a while How long have you played SCP:SL? A: 362 hrs Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A:When I needed from California to Massachusetts, I lost the ability to hang out with my friends on a daily basis I've found that community with the kurva staff before. And I'll find it again. These people have given me something to look forward to each day. Roxy can be annoying at times. But then again can't that be said about all bosses? If the employees are always happy. Someone is doing something wrong. I love the plug ins that Doug made. There is no server like kurva. Mostly because it is home for me now. I really hope I get in again. I've stuck through thick and thin. Even became a scapegoat for a while at Roxy's request. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I've been a senior moderator. I'm a well trusted member of the comunity. I'd love to become management but that probably won't happen. I've already risen through the ranks once. I can do it again. I'll be a very helpful person because that's just who I am. I'm a friend to many of the previous staff members and have picked up tricks to be a good mod from them. I'll be able to help whoever needs help. I've already gotten 2 hackers banned. I've banned many tkers. I'm fluffing my word count... My friends on the staff team already trust me Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A:yes. You know them
  2. Buvud

    War Logs

    What the fuck. The furries have hacked my account. Meme God is a traitor. I did not write this. Buvud-SCP 096-Iceberg
  3. Buvud

    War Logs

    Log 2-Buvud: This is senior agent Buvud. I have great news. This is a very good lead
  4. Buvud

    Happy birthday Jakob

    I can't believe our little boy is finally 11😭😭😭. They grow up so fast. (How TF did this meme even start?)
  5. Buvud

    War Logs

    It's been 10 seconds, no update from the sergent. We are getting worried Buvud-SCP 096-Iceberg
  6. Buvud

    War Logs

    Log 1-Buvud: I usually try to stay nuetral in these fights. However when I saw a Furry are a gamer's head off... Well I had to act. I'm a moderate gamer, however I am no longer a hero. The only ones who are heros are the ones who actually did something. I need to become a hero >end of log< The....... Breaking up...... The fur... Are getting cl.... If I send a message w...... A signature........ Not me Buvud-SCP 096-iceberg