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  1. Red Jester

    War Logs

    Audio Log #3 Hey boys...This is Commander Jester, it has been a Month and four days since my last log. I set up a rescue team for Galaxy and Jakob but later found out one of us set up their own team without permission if only we have known that before we left. When we arrived at the furries base to save them, we were immediately fired upon as if they knew we were already there. We were in a big shootout for about 3 hours till one of them threw a grenade where we were coving upon, the next thing I knew was I saw Nathan jump on the grenade and died from the blast he saved our dam lives but it wouldn't have mattered on what happened next, then next I remembered was a flash, it was no ordinary flash, this one was different as it came from the sky, I fell down and another explosion happened which killed Issac Clarke. I saw John get teared up by those fuckers and another explosion covered me with rubble but enough to see John get his faced tore right off. *holds back tears* I have no idea how they knew we were there, but I passed out after that and when I woke up again there the whole base was gone, as if someone blew that shit up, like a warhead under the base just went off. It felt like I have been passed out for 2 days maybe more, as I was very thirsty. My whole sense of direction was lost and soon got lost in the woods, I later found an abandoned town, it seemed like it was here before the war started, cars black from flames, grass inside buildings and every source of power gone. I stayed there for a while which seemed to feel like home. I would have stayed longer but I heard those fuckers same fuckers who tore up John. So I left the next morning, I found an empty water tower due to the hole on the underside. I felt a cold breeze and realized a cold front of a blizzard was about to happen so I got inside the water tower and covered the hole with a tarp and made a small fire with the smoke leaving through the opening of the hole. I stayed there for a while and made it into my own base, I have been hold up here for a while, water is leaking from a pipe within the water tower so it has a good source of water, I will be staying here till help finds me, as I have no idea where I am. >End of Log<
  2. Steam Name: A: Red Jester Discord Name: A: RedJester#7995 Age: A: 18 SteamID64: A: 76561198170110761 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA, CST How did you hear of Kurva? A: I heard from roxyyy, I was staff for about 4 months till I retired about a week ago. How long have you played SCP:SL? A: About 6 months Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100-word minimum)? A: I want to be staff as I really enjoyed all the memories, I got from being staff. I also have a lot of habits that I am so used to that it will never be the same again. I am also trying to repent for my sins on this community as I caused a lot of trust issues and hurt a lot of people who thought they could trust me. I gained a lot of friends, people who I even consider true friends. I would hate to not be able to help after all the misery I caused. That is about it. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100-word minimum)? A: I would be a good addition to the staff team as all I care about is the community, and I was staff for four months, I even got as high as management, I probably won’t ever get that high again for a while, but I never betrayed anyone as staff, it was once I was retired I thought I had nothing to lose, I was wrong about. I enjoy the people and the community, I want to try to make it the best I can, while even trying to make me a better person. That is all I have to say. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes, I was staff before Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: Yes, I was staff before
  3. Steam Name: A: Red Jester Discord Name: A: RedJester#7995 Age: A: 18 SteamID64: A: 76561198170110761 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA, CST How did you hear of Kurva? A: I was staff for 4 months, do I have to answer this? How long have you played SCP:SL? A: bruh, like 6 months now idk Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I love the staff team also I DID SOMETHING HORRIBLE AND IM TRYING TO REPENT FOR MY SINS Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: Because I am cherry dad, also I was staff before, a damn good one, but I was horrible at being retired (I'm still sorry) Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes, very much Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: No, I never been staff before..Yes lmfao
  4. Red Jester

    War Logs

    Audio Log #2 I got a few info from Galaxy Log, I still have no idea how she was able to send it to us but here is what I translated - e312??use??melee??only - if anyone knows what else please let me know. Anyways the explosion I heard in the last log was just was one of our researchers trying to make the cure but accidentally blew up the lab. We have no lab at the moment but I have set up two rescue teams, Team A will be for frontlines and seeing if any survivors are still in No Mans Land. Team B will be for Galaxy and Jakob. I am in Team B, Team A consists of Mason, Woods, Bowman, and Shark. Team B consists of Jester(aka me), Issac Clarke, John, and Nathan. Both teams will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6:00. Cherry find me quic- Y̴̮̺̫̠̫̙͂͗̅̐̊̚̚͝͠ͅo̸̘͓̰͖̻̱̐̐̆̍̿̃̄̊̄̕u̷̬̟͍̳̯̮̖̜̣͂͜͠ ̵͉̼̻͇̑͘w̸̜͉̖̝̖̳͉̥̫͛͐̀̓̂̏̕͜i̷̲̲̪͆̀̉͛ļ̶͇̩͋̽͒̀͋̇̐̏l̴͕̜͖͖͕͂͊́̍͝ ̸̳̱̰̦̮̿͒͐͐̽͛ͅḑ̸̹̜͎̇̾̎í̵͉̦̖̩̈́̈́̄͆͠͝e̸̻̽͘ - we need to speak soon. >End of Audio Log< 11/28/2018
  5. Red Jester

    War Logs

    Audio recording #1 This is Commander Jester. on 11/25/2018 at 22:22 I had to kill 8 gamers due to the "SCP-008." I then had to burn their bodies for the infection to not spread, I was also infected, but for some odd reason, it took almost 17 hours to show final symptoms on the infection when for my men it only took 2 hours. I don't know why it happened, maybe I didn't get a strong dose of it, I really have no idea. On 11/26/2018 at 13:26 I woke up in the snow-covered woods, I had a huge headache and my coughing got worse, I then decided to travel to Galaxy's research lab to see if she can save, but on 11/27/2018 at 17:00 I arrived to find the entire lab a mess and everyone missing. I would have looked for them if I could but I had no time, I decided to look for SCP-500 and found it but the last thing I remember is falling down right before I grabbed it. I woke up in the abandoned cabin in the woods, the wood in the fireplace has been burning all night and starting to go down, someone saved me, they aren't here, I don't know if I should wait for them, it could be one of us gamers but can I really take the chance? No, I couldn't so I left, hoping to find HQ maybe someone there can bring me up to speed to what the fuck is happening. As I was heading North I saw blood, I don't know who's but there was so much as if there were three people here fighting off something, it looks like two didn't make it as I can see guts and part of the throat on the ground, but the other side shows barely any blood. I have no idea what happened here but I decided I was not staying there any longer to find out what did. As I kept going North, I heard chatter, so I hid behind a hill when I peeked over it, I saw it. A whole army of those fucking things, this looked like there HQ that is when I saw it, roxyyy136, his lifeless dead body just sitting there with the other dead furries, you can clearly tell that these things don't even care about there own kind. Whoever killed him Godspeed, as I kept looking I saw a truckload of SCP-500's, tanks, guns, and vehicles. They are stocking up on something, I watched them more to see if I can find any more info, but as I was looking I saw him. Jakob, he is being dragged by one of those fuckers, he doesn't look dead but they captured him and brought him to their HQ. If I did a rescue mission it would be suicide, the only way to do this and save him is to head back to HQ and gather up a rescue team, we can't go guns blazing or else they would shoot Jakob almost immediately, we would have to go undercover. I decided to head back and kept following the North Star, after about 2 hours I finally reached it, as I was about to enter the base, I heard an explosion and this where I am at now, I am going to investigate what is going on, I'll keep ya updated.>End Of Audio Log< 11/28/2018
  6. Red Jester

    War Logs

    Body cam footage #1 *Opens bullet covered door att he research lab, fall down on tray* FUCK! *coughs up more blood and walks very disoriented* Where the fuck are you! GALAXY! *falls over resting chair* fuck...am I going to die? *looks to my left and see a red pill* Is that? *runs towards it and then passes out before reaching it* >end of Body cam footage< 11/27/2018
  7. Red Jester

    Staff Application-AEGIS

    I am sorry but you are too young for our age requirement.
  8. Red Jester

    War Logs

    Commander Jester Journal Entry #3 "Sorry army bois for lying to you, I did think that the soldier would inject the samples into the vents, but well he dead now. I plan to infiltrate site-19 so if you find a furry that goes by the name of "memekiller", don't kill him. K thx bye." *wakes up* What the fuck was that *cough* shit why haven't I fucking died yet! I am clearly infected. It has been A WHOLE FUCKING DAY! It only took 2 hours for my men to show full symptoms but all that I have gotten so far is a headache and the flu. There is no way I didn't get infected the entire fucking place was infected. I had to scorch the shit out of that place, to make sure it didn't spread. I should have stayed, FUCK! Okay...okay calm down, what do I see, trees, snow, stars...STARS! Yes okay good I need to find the North Star to find where Galaxy is if anyone knows what the fucking is happening it is her. Okay, where the fuck are y- There you are, okay. *coughs more and coughs up blood* Shit I need to get to her fast, or else I will have the same fate, though I am still fondly confused why I am not dead yet. Maybe Galaxy will know, it pisses me off that those fucking furries stole the truckload of SCP-500 that was heading to HQ, fuck! I need to go now, I need to see my son again. *coughs more* The entire platoon might think I am dead now, well bois I'm coming home, the place where I belong, with ya. I will try my best to get to you boi. Godspeed gamers...godspeed. >End of Journal Entry< 17 Hours since last transmission 11/26/2018
  9. Red Jester

    War Logs

    Journal Entry #2 (Before) This winter might take the whole team down or at least slow us down, we weren't expecting this, the whole platoon is dropping like flies, I am going to need to figure out something soon. This flu too it seems like it is getting worse, hopefully, this will pass soon, my men seem to have the worst of it than me, they are all bedridden and all I have is a headache. Anyways, I think the best course action, if fill up on supplies right now, the war needs to stop between us soon, or else we all go extinct. We have some spies out in the field which is good, we just need to make sure we have no more traitors. Pistachio Hopefully everything goes well for us. >End of Journal Entry< (2 hours before shit happens) 11/25/2018
  10. Red Jester

    Whats better

    Bully pugz
  11. Red Jester


    It wasn't any main people I killed like galaxy for example
  12. Red Jester


    Ya are welcome for the logs as I was the one who made it lmfao and yes I did because they were all in pain.
  13. Red Jester

    War Logs

    Transmission #2 Something is happening, my men they are getting sick, is this what the thing is "SCP-008"? Oh god, I think it is contagious, the signs of these symptoms are far worse than mine, maybe I haven't contracted it yet. I have been here for 3 hours and all I have gotten is a headache while everyone else is puking blood and their eyes turning blood red. Oh god...the screams...they are in so much pain...I can't let them go through this, I know there isn't a cure yet. I'm sorry boys, the pain you are in will go away soon. Godspeed gamers...Godspeed *starts crying while loading a gun* BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG >End of Transmission< 11/26/2018
  14. Red Jester

    War Logs

    Transmission #1 Wow, did I get caught up on things, I never expected pistachio being a traitor, he was a fine soldier. Galaxy we need to find a cure fast, or else it might be too late for us. *cough* I sent out an anti-furry unit to a village to clean up the dead bodies, we can't risk infection. This winter is getting worst, the power went out over here and no heater, I am scared most of the gamers won't make it to the morning. Cherry, son, if you are hearing this, don't move I will send a squad to you do not worry.....I just got word the FURRIES HAVE TANKS, they are about to start an ambush, be safe everyone and Godspeed. *cough cough* god this flu. >End of Transmission< 11/25/2018
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