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    Warcries' Staff Application

    shut up
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    War Logs

    Log 3 24 Hours after eating mushroom The second I had awoken this morning the trip was instantly coming back to me, although everything has started to settle down and i'm used to it, it's still here haunting me. I awoke around 1am and went to get myself some breakfast from a supermarket nearby. Upon entering the supermarket I had grabbed myself a can of beans and some tuna to top me up for a couple of hours. Upon leaving I saw it again, that god damned forest. The urge for me to enter has gotten much worse and I now had to enter into this forest. The first step I took gave a feeling of relaxation and walking closer to the core of the forest I was getting more and more relaxed. The trees were very distorted and pixelated almost as if I was in a video game. The flowers and insects were also very pixelated but were also much bigger than what they usually looked like. Walking through a bed of flowers felt like walking through layers of tall-grass and the bees flying around compared to the size of a pretty big rock. 26 Hours after eating mushroom Sitting in that forest for 2 straight hours was the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced in my life. The sounds of nature were extremely relaxing and the forest was vibrant to the point where I can't describe it in words. After my two hours of relaxation I had to get myself up and head towards the core of the forest. Pushing myself through the bed of flowers I emerged facing an empty hut with the door swung straight open with the hinges nearly off of the bracket. Slowly approaching I can hear creatures running behind me but that was the last of my worries. My eyes were completely sealed to looking towards this house that looked somewhat modern and cozy. This house appeared to be the best looking house I have ever seen in years. The stairs were approaching towards me as I was walking into the house almost as if they wanted me to go upstairs. First I had to explore downstairs and here is a detailed description of the house: Living Room In the living room I had set my eyes upon the old fashioned furniture. The furniture almost looked like it was from the 1920s but at the same time looked extremely untouched. There were 3 antique patterned chairs and there was a bookcase set in the corner of the room. The fireplace was in the middle of the room on the wall with the chairs facing towards the fireplace with an empty table in the middle of the room. Kitchen Walking into the kitchen EVERYTHING was upside down. this including the cooker, dishwasher and table. Unlike the last room this room was extremely modern and had felt like this kitchen had been made entirely for me. The only thing that had laid on the floor in this room was a note that contained a drawing of a tree vine that was very detailed to the point that this vine looked real. The Upstairs In the other 2 rooms were completely nothing other than wooden floorboards so upon walking upstairs the stairs were extending out and it had felt like I was walking up these stairs for an entire 10 minutes. Upon reaching the top this was unlike any upstairs that I have encountered before, this floor had consisted with 4 main rooms and small hatches in between the doors. The upstairs was just a straight long corridor that looked like It went on forever. The first room to my left had contained another note that had a drawing of a Sergal on it. The Sergal drawing again was extremely recognisable and was very detailed. The 2nd room I entered was a completely empty room that had 5 blue sergals sitting close to the corner. When I opened the door they had glanced at me and looked away in fear. The third room I had entered was again another empty room however directly in the center there was a glowing orb that was impossible to look at. The light shining from this orb was like there was a star in the room it was that bright. Upon going through 3 doors there was a clear feeling that I felt and that was that the 4th room was going to contain something or someone that could get me out of this trip. The 4th door slowly creaked open and through the gap that I could see there was no trouble so far, it had looked exactly the same as the other 3 rooms. Once I fully opened the door there he was. My father. My father had lost his life in the Furry War that occurred 8 years ago, the reasoning why I had joined the MTF back in 2012. The second I caught eyes with my father I teared up instantly. Below is the Dialogue that me and my father had: Father: Son, you are finally here Me: Finally? Father: I have been here for a while son, imprisoned for years. Me: Dad, what happened to you? Father: I can't explain all the details to you right now but all I am going to say is that now is the only time that you will be able to save me Me: So you aren't dead? Father: I am more like a spirit that can only talk in this room as this is the torture room that I died in. The message had to get to you somehow and the best way to do this was to give you this mushroom. Me: How can I save you? Father: There's only one way you can save me, find that core, and destroy it. Me: But how? The furries are everywhere and I have no idea where to start. Father: Clues will appear eventually, you just need to think son, The MTF has been great for you and this is the time for you to go back to your roots. Me: What is this core? Father: The core is made up of every single life on this world. The furries can only infect people but they know who is alive and who is a furry, treat this almost as a brainwashing device. Me: This core seems completely dangerous to get near too Father: It will, but eventually you will get to it with help of course. I know you well son and I know you will be able to get this done in order to free me. The freedom and lives of not just everyone but the freedom of me is in your hands son. Get this mission completed. <End Of Dialogue> Upon leaving this building everything was back to normal, except my mind, I had left that building with a commitment. and I was going to save the world. More logs will be added based upon the hints I found
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    War Logs

    Log 2 It has been 3 days since the outbreak started and I am starting to get hungry, I find myself in the nearest supermarket and scavenge across some food (A couple of Mushrooms and tinned cans) Upon eating these Mushrooms I have been set upon a deep trance and it is slowly getting worse. 2 Hours after eating mushroom Within the first hour nothing much happened other than having minor stomach ache but once the 2 hour mark hit things got spontaneously worse. I firstly started tripping balls almost as if I had taken 60 tabs of acid. Paralysed on the floor I can't do anything other than stare into the clouds while they were all warping towards me. 4 Hours after eating mushroom The trance is getting worse, and the white puffy clouds that I have been staring at for 2 hours is now forming almost into an animal shape. So far the cloud that is forming I can't quite picture as to what it would look like however it looks like it's forming a Sergal shape. The trees around me are also now merging together and I can see Sergals deep within the forest. 8 Hours after eating mushroom It has been a long 8 hours of warping and dizziness however it feels like it's calming down. The clouds are definitely a Sergal now, A BLUE SERGAL. The trees are also fully formed in which they look like the mouth of a Sergal. the face looks very familiar and i'm not sure where I have seen this unique face before. 13 Hours after eating mushroom The tree I have definitely seen before. IT'S CRASH. The face is now speaking to me and is telling me to enter the forest even though I know this is a trap. I am going to stay far away from this face however this might not last long. Even though I have forgotten there is still an urge deep down to go inside. I will keep you all updated on what happens
  4. GopnikComrade

    War Logs

    Log #1 The second I heard about the Furwar I ran and hid, there's nothing else you can do in a hard time like this. I was hidden inside a barrel for a while until one finally found me, He tortured me for hours and tried to pressure me to tell him where Gray was. I gave away Gray's position in exchange for his name and why he needs him, turns out this furry's name was "Roxyyy136" and he was looking for Gray in attempts of an assassination mission. Since then I have been released and I have had no other contact with Furries, I will keep you updated. >End of Log<
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    That Feel When

    That feel when you retire and get bullied by Jakob