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  1. Dgrunkle Sam III

    Thoughts on me uwu

    Oh, now I remember, it wasn't you, it was Jakob. So if I had to bring up another event involving you it was the cult you created this afternoon.
  2. Dgrunkle Sam III

    Thoughts on me uwu

    Your peak was when everyone told you happy birthday. Don't even attempt to beat that.
  3. Dgrunkle Sam III

    War Logs

    12/31/18 10:31PM CET This may very well be my last message. Everything's gone wrong. Ever since that last attack the radio has been dead silent, and I can't seem to get a hold of anybody. Meme god, Jester, Galaxy, Jakob, Gopnik, everyone on the radio has been dead silent. There have been no responses from Bravo, Same with Juliet; the militia camp by this point is burned to the ground. We've been holding out at hotel for nearly a month now, and we're especially cautious about letting people in ever since the infiltration that left Romeo a ghost town. I would've updated the map to reflect our situation, but every scout team I send out never comes back. At least when we lost Site 19, hell even Theta, we had a plan to recover and counterattack. But now, I don't see how any of us will come back from this when everyone is either dead or refusing to communicate. with how much we've lost I'm surprised this fortress hasn't fallen sooner. I don't know what to do here; A Sergeant can't win a war by himself. I'm begging for anyone, anyone to respond and break the silence. Sergeant Sam III, signing off.
  4. Dgrunkle Sam III

    Depression Suppression

  5. Dgrunkle Sam III

    What's your favorite game currently

    Knights of The Old Republic: The Sith Lords. Good gameplay, good story, good plot twist, good ending. An enjoyable experience from start to finish.
  6. Dgrunkle Sam III

    War Logs

  7. Dgrunkle Sam III

    War Logs

    12/8/18 8:19 PM CET It should also be noted that pugz is still MIA, and his estimated position is somewhere between site 19, Theta, and the Furry Base of Operations. It seems our rescue operation never came to light, so please contact us on whether you wish to be rescued or if you are going to venture forwards into enemy lines. If you are going into enemy lines, head to Chernobyl. Let us know how far they are into nuclear development. and whether they're trying to improve their weapons or mass produce the ones they can make.
  8. Dgrunkle Sam III

    War Logs

    12/9/18 8:14PM CET We're nearing the completion of the shield, and have finished the design for the next invention, our very own AA defense turret. These will be installed around the base either on designated platforms or on prebuilt structures. With the furries' advancement on nuclear development it is recommended that pilots are instructed to aim for any aerial targets instead of infantry targets, and they will find no problem with this as the visor on the turret outlines detected aircrafts, whether they be planes or missiles. As for my plan I mentioned, we need to form a defensive front line and reinforce it before we take on the furries. refer to this map: You'll be able to download the blueprints to the shield and the turret, and use them to create defenses for your stations. After that we should work to regain Theta through extensive cleaning to avoid 008 contamination later on, and create a pathway to the militia camp in the west, and assimilate them into our military, whilst fortifying the path to avoid being cut off, with this system and our inventions we may just be able to afford remaining on defense, which can buy us time to create a stronger fighting force, whether it be through propaganda or the hiring of mercenaries. When we do achieve a considerably large army I suggest we make our move to integrate into the destroyed village and take the slave camps. We can still win this war. During the Revolutionary War the Patriots were out-trained and out-gunned for most of the conflict, but they were able to hold out long enough for the aid of the French. Perhaps history will repeat itself in our favor. Sergeant Sam III, signing off.
  9. Dgrunkle Sam III

    War Logs

    12/7/18 5:37PM CET There hasn't been much radio chatter that has involved me, so me and the engineers here at Romeo have been hard at work developing a prototype for a aircraft defense system. So far we've came up with what we call the Kinetic Absorption Repellent Shield aka K.A.R.S. or Karen as we've called it. It works by creating a dome like shield around a desired area, which is able to stop matter with high kinetic energy, at the expense of some of it's own energy. by design, it's 2 weaknesses are large weapons like nukes and large missiles, and certain EMPs. To create the shield you have to have the main beacon in the center and then surround the designated area with what we've call stasis kits. When ready the beacon will create the shield and will automatically send waves of energy to the kits which will fill the gaps between each kit. they should be between 0.5 to 1 meter apart, no further which can prevent energy from being transmitted, and no closer which can cause one kit to overload and short circuit the other. We're trying to work out the kinks of the design, mainly on the stasis kits; allowing them to be further apart and for the beacon to allow for larger and less circular areas. Here's the rough blueprint for what how the shield will act: We've already begun construction on this, and it will be done as soon as we've finished our next design in the next few days, involving AA defenses. I suggest to all the other stations that we focus on holding ground and defending our stations to our very best. I have a plan on how to turn this war around. Dgrunkle Sam III signing off.
  10. Dgrunkle Sam III

    500 Mine challenge

    Go to http://minesweeperonline.com and create a custom game with 50 length, 50 height, and 500 mines. upload your high score if it is higher than the previous best. first one to defuse all 500 mines wins. This is your starting point, try to beat this:
  11. I'm all the way in December 6th and you guys are using November 26th. The plot's starting to leak, and the only person that's helping is meme god for not putting dates. you found out about pistachio's betrayal a week in advance before he died and the evidence was revealed. I'm wrapping my head around trying to find ways to fill the gaps but for every big leap I make you make 1 step forward. Me today seeing all the posts about Jester's disappearance dated before anyone even reached Theta
  12. Dgrunkle Sam III

    War Logs

    12/5/18 4:43PM CET I thought I could trust meme. This prophet says that we are cured and immune from 008, but guess what we saw at Theta. We brought a heavy duty flame-thrower for just this occasion, and when we opened the door we had to torch the contaminated air that rushed out of the enclosed space. There were bodies everywhere. Blood everywhere. This is ten times worse than the medical bay, a hundred times worse than Pistachio's quarters. We couldn't find and trace of Pugz being here, and it would've been great Cherry if you told us HALF OF HIGH COMMAND WAS DEAD! These are dark times. A "god" has given us false hope, Pugz is missing, Jester for all we know is a lurking corpse pumping out contaminated air and today's equivalent of Hitler was replaced with today's equivalent of Himmler, Hitler 2.0. I can at least thank Jakob's squad for killing that traitorous rat of a general, but with Snow in charge things are going to get worse for us. To put it blunt, we're underprepared for this conflict. We lack men, we lack training, we lack tactics. By now the furries have taken Chernobyl and have access to nuclear weapons. If we're going to win this war we need to rebuild a chain of command, develop Anti-Aircraft defenses for our stations, and get more soldiers. If anyone feels they're unable to complete this task, feel free to step down and let me take your place, because I'M NOT LOSING THIS WAR TO A BUNCH OF SUB-HUMAN ANIMALS! Sergeant Sam III, signing off.
  13. Dgrunkle Sam III


    And now everyone at Theta is infected. it wasn't even confirmed that you executed your mission involving Theta, Jester just killed off everyone in the station.
  14. Dgrunkle Sam III


    This is pretty much a game of war, except that instead of 2 teams that are countering one another we come up with ways to screw ourselves just to look for a way to unscrew ourselves.
  15. Dgrunkle Sam III

    War Logs

    12/2/18 9:24AM CET 30 minutes ago we found Dr. Morris, in the same condition as Pistachio last night, coughing blood, gangrene, sings of the flu, so we knew he was infected and had to put him down. unlike the relatively small room that pistachio had that was covered in blood, the whole medical bay looked like a murder scene, with blood stains, knocked tables and chairs with tools scattered across the floor, One of the privates puked at the site of it all. I went to check the logs when I saw a large number of people mourning the death of Pistachio. He never had a change of heart and was a furry from the very start. Everything he has done for you was simply espionage and subterfuge. He entered this unit as a rat, and died a filthy one, responsible for the deaths of nearly a hundred of us. It's only karma that he was infected with 008, and if you can't accept that term than justice will have to be your alternative. We're about to begin our march to Theta. We'll arrive their in 2 days according to the route we're taking, but knowing past events we may be ambushed. But hey, at least now we don't have a rat pointing the hounds to our direction. We're coming Pugz, just you sit tight.