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  1. Chillintoo

    Ban Appeal: Chillintoo

    SteamID64: 76561198283256881 Username: Chillintoo How long ago I was banned: One hour How long is my ban: N/A Who banned me: Professor Nixon Why was I banned: It was accidental Why I should be unbanned: It was accidental
  2. Chillintoo

    Chillintoo Staff Application

    Steam Name: Chillintoo Discord Name: Chillintoo #6965 Age: 14 Steam ID64: https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198283256881 Country and Time Zone: United States, Eastern Standard Time How I heard of Kurva: found it in the server browser How long have a played SCP:SL: I've owned the game since July 2018 but started playing more late March this year, I have 214 hours of playtime Why I want to be on staff: I want to be on staff for a few reasons. First is because there is a lot of team killing and hacking on the server,most times there isn't anyone one later in the night and its hard to get people on even during the day. Second is because I haven't been a major part of a gaming community in the past and I think becoming staff would be a part of that. Third is because I want to be on in on the fun end Admin Abuse Sunday. Fourth is because I enjoy teaching newer players the basics of the game. Why I Would be helpful on staff: I think I would be helpful to have on staff for many reasons. First is that I am usually on later then most other people and don't have very many obligations other then Mondays , I also respond to discord and steam quickly. Second is that I am an unbiased person and I won't ban someone because I don't like them. Third is as mentioned in the previous question I enjoy helping newer players learn how the game and server works. Fourth is that I am thorough with TK's, mainly me finding a person who just left and changed names. Am I familiar with the server's rules: Yes Do I have any game moderation experience: No