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  1. Holland

    War Logs

    Audio Log #3: Emergency Me: "Quick she is going into cardiac arrest!" Sounds of a medical monitors start beeping Doctor: "We are waiting on the antidote we made her" Me: "WELL WHERE IS IT" Monitors start beeping louder Nurse: "It's done!" Doctor: "Give it to her" Sound of a machine injecting the antidote and the machines beeping slow down Me: "That was to close for comfort" Doctor: "Look she is waking up" <END RECORDING>
  2. Holland

    War Logs

    Log #6: Infection When I rescued my mother from the furries I noticed marks on her bad marks let she was injected with something. That only means one thing, they gave her the furry gene. We need to find a cure immediately, I won't let my mother become one of those things I need to work fast. Maybe my mom would know of a cure, I can only hope for that when she wakes up. I give her 5 days before she turns so this is a priority alpha mission. I will help you mom don't you worry. <END LOG>
  3. Holland

    War Logs

    Transmission Log #1: Contacting the Spy You don't know who I am but I know who you are. Listen, Galaxy has been safely extracted and Jakob is nowhere to be found you have the go-ahead to do whatever you were meant to do. We are also letting you now that your transmissions were received but something has been jamming us to sending messages back. I created a bypass to get to you. Do what you have to Meme, Holland out. <END TRANSMISSION>
  4. Holland

    War Logs

    Log #5: Attack on the Compound I know I am disobeying an order on waiting for the rest of the teams to come and rescue my mother but I can't wait any longer! I have assembled my squad and got some Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys to help us in our assault. Me: "Alright we are almost there be ready once we are in the compound look for room e312 that's where my mother should be is that clear." Everyone: "AFFIRMATIVE" Me: "Alright LETS GIVE THEM HELL!" As soon as I said that the battle begin. They had no anti-air defenses which gave our Ospreys perfect advantage of taking out there defenses, we had a clear way to get into the compound. What we saw in there was horrific, we found the missing people. They were mutilated and used for experiments it made me sick but then my radio started buzzing. Yuri: "Sir we found the room!" Me: "On my way!" I bolted down the hall to reach Yuri to see it was indeed the room. Me: "Room e312, you ready Yuri?" Yuri: "Yes sir, on your go" Me: "GO!" When we breached the room there were guards but they posed no threat, we executed to say the least. But more importantly I found my mother, bound to a cell it made me sick. I looked around for here log recorder, it wasn't hidden and I recovered what I could from it. Mother was still knocked out, they probably knocked her out because she wouldn't cooperate. I picked her up and ran to the exit while Yuri was covering my back. I loaded my mother on the Osprey and helped the rest of my team on board. Me: "Price have you discovered anything about Jakob" Price: "No sir but we will keep looking he is out there somewhere." Me: "I know he is Price" The Ospreys took off and flew away from the destroyed compound. We only lost two people today, one was a close friend of mine. Hudson and Taylor may you find peace beyond the grave. I will give them a proper burial once we get back to [REDACTED]. <END LOG>
  5. Holland

    War Logs

    Audio Log #2: A Decoy While on route to Sweden I received a call from Destroyer. Me: "Yes?" Destroyer: "Your mother was a decoy they still have her" Me: "WHAT THE F**K DO YOU MEAN SHE WAS A DECOY UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Destroyer: "I'm so sorry" Me: "Don't be just make sure the tanks are ready I am rescuing my real mother!" Destroyer: "copy that" <END RECORDING>
  6. Holland

    War Logs

    Log #4: Jakob is alive HQ was keeping this from but they made contact with a militia group saying they had found Jakob ALIVE! I couldn't believe it but after they found out all communications with them has been terminated. This just shows Jakob is alive and I have to find him. I'll let Destroyer AKA The Terminator watch my mom and pray that he will keep her safe. I gathered my team and briefed them. Me: "Men we are heading to Sweden" <END LOG>
  7. Holland

    War Logs

    Audio Log #1: Big Fluffy Sergal's Interrogation Me: Slams desk "WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT JAKOB" Sergal: "I don't who you are talking about" Me: "YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT" Sighs Me: "Tell me what you do with the people you kidnap" Sergal: "I don't know any of that but I do know who furry sympathizers are" Me: "Then please tell me" Sergal writes down a list of names Me: "No your lying Gopnik is not a furry sympathizer" Sergal: "He is though he was the one that let Jakob's squad die" Me: sneers "Take him to the execution chamber..... and fetch me Gopnik" Soap: "yes sir" <END RECORDING>
  8. Holland

    War Logs

    Log #3: The search for Jakob I and my team went to a furry substation to find the whereabouts of Sergeant Jakob part of MTF Unit Delta-01. They have been declared KIA but I know Jakob, he is alive out there somewhere we just have to find him. Price, Nikolai, and Soap took the back of the substation while Yuri and I took the front. Price: "Ready sir!" Me: "BREACH!" As soon as I said those words we breached the substation killing all the furries except one, he had surrendered to us. His name tag read Big Fluffy Sergal also known as Crash and we took him into custody to question him. But our mission was a failure, we found no information on Jakob's location, we have to keep looking for Cherry. We pushed the furry into the truck and brought him to a POW Camp for interrogation. I hope we will find Jakob in time. <END LOG>
  9. Holland

    War Logs

    Log #2: New Team Today I have recruited a new rescue team with veterans from Task Force 141. Captain Price Soap Yuri Nikolai Together we make Delta Force 06 an elite squad that rescues high priority target and run spec ops missions. Our next mission is to find and rescue Sergeant Jakob whos last known location was somewhat east of the Main Furry Base. As of now, we are preparing to rescue more targets I hope Jakob is still alive. <END LOG>
  10. Holland

    War Logs

    Log #1: Operation Rescue Galaxy I have located Galaxy at a Furry base not that many guards guarding the front door but it will be better to go through the back. The back door was unlocked surprisingly I reload my Peacekeeper okay time to rescue my mother. I slowly sneaked through the compound trying to find my mother. A guard patrol was heading my way I was on the right path. I attached a suppressor to my Peacekeeper and took out the patrol. Then I found it the holding room she had to be in there she has to be. I place a detonite charge on the door that was holding my mother. I unattached my suppressor knowing that the explosion would warn the entire compound. The charge exploded and the door fell off its hinges. I killed the guards guarding my mom and freed her from there captivity. I carried my mom out of the compound guns blazing killing every furry I see until we were finally safe outside the compound. Mother won't wake up yet I just have to wait and see what happens. <END LOG>
  11. Holland

    rpxp's mod application

    Need a tiny bit more of play time but doesn’t matter really meaning I haven't seen you a lot on our server and I am on all day so it's not mandatory but I would love to see your face lol.
  12. Holland

    ToastVEVO Staff Application

    You are to young the minimum age to join staff is 16 I’m sorry to break the news to you but if we are in need of staff we will put you in consideration of becoming of staff so for now we have to deny your application.
  13. Holland

    Willy's Application

    Right age group but need a little more in game hours
  14. Holland

    Re work rules?

    We are already working on a new system but your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.
  15. Holland

    Staff Application-AEGIS

    You are a little young for our age requirement, which is 16 but that’s not for me to decide.