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  1. Steam Name - NSEW Discord Name - NSEW#5373 Age - 16 SteamID64 - 76561198298626227 Country / Timezone - US / EST How did you hear of Kurva? - Honestly, it was the first server I saw when playing SCP, and I haven't gone to other servers. How long have you played SCP:SL? - I have 36+ hrs, and I plan on making that higher Why do you want to be a apart of the staff team? - The reason I want to be a part of the staff team is because I feel like I could help keep and maintain order. I have enough experience in playing this game to know what to do and what should happen. I may not have the same/similar experience as other mods, but I know what I should do in any scenario inside a game. I have dealt with cheaters, hackers, DDoSers, toxic individuals, bad staff, and just about anything you have thought of that I didn't list. For me to help, I can be of assistance for situations on any server when other's aren't available. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team? - Well, first, I do actually have a history of being admin for servers/groups on GMod and Unturned (both toxic af). As a whole, I have been a part of staff for servers/groups for a total of 1 year in all (mostly from an Unturned group, that also ran servers on other games). As for being a part of staff, I feel like I would be a good addition, in that I am funny and enjoyable to be around, especially in game. Are you familiar with our rules? - Yes Do you have any experience in gmae moderation? - Yes, as said before, about 1 year of moderation/administrator for groups/servers on several games.