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    Warcries' Staff Application

    Pretty gamer epic +1
  2. Dragoon

    Dragoon's Staff App.

    Steam Name: A: [AMD]Dragoon Discord Name: A: Dragoon#1125 Age: A: 14 SteamID64: A: 76561197991673023 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA, EST How did you hear of Kurva? A: From my good buddy friend chum pal Warcries How long have you played SCP:SL? A: 174 hours Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I want to provide a safe and fun place for the people who play on the server. I have been on many different servers and seen many different ways of handling players, and from our perspective, most don't do it right, mostly the way that they do it is annoying and even anger inducing. I want to do the best I can for the players so they can have a fun experience while also not having to deal with people who want to ruin others days. I also like to use my admin powers to help others in a non abusive way, like a shop for instance. (In this shop they could trade something like 2 med kits for an mtf rifle) Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I have seen on many other servers how admins abuse their powers and make life on the players harder than it has to be, I wish for the players to have a good time and invite more people so out community can grow and prosper. I have also seen many instances of favoritism, this is not acceptable and I strive to remain as impartial as possible. I have seen only 1 instance of an admin and a hacker working together and I can say with no doubt in my mind I will never work with anyone breaking major rules and will punish them instead. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: Yes