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    tanks4playing's staff application.

    Oh my 100 word minimum not maximum I sincerely apologize *Fixed it*
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    tanks4playing's staff application.

    Steam Name: A: tanks4playing Discord Name: A: tanks4playing#0682 Age: A: 14 SteamID64: A:76561198358434599 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA. New York (EST) How did you hear of Kurva? A: I was browsing the servers in SCPSL and the first server I saw was Kurva. It was love at first sight. How long have you played SCP:SL? A: 70 hours Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I would love to help strengthen the community by creating a fun environment for others while straightening out toxic players who ruin the game for others. I love the people here and it would fill my heart to make everyone happy. I really enjoy being staff for things whether the role is big or small. I also have alot of spare time and I wanted to give back to the community for the laughs and great times I have when playing on Kurva. I also want to improve the servers by bringing in more players and getting more severs allowing more to join this wonderful community. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100 word minimum)? A: I think I would make a great addition to the staff team because I have lots of time. I also like to interact with people and I have led and followed many teams before. I love all the teams I have worked with previously. I have a nice set of skills such as defusing rising situations, ending conflicts, dealing with toxic people, building strong relationships, tracking things on google sheets like previous team killers and detecting lies. Another reason I would be a good addition to the staff team is because of the amount of love I have for the community. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: Yes Minecraft and ARMA 3