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    Wish Jakob happy birthday here
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    I am a god, so I normally do not indulge in these things. I have been watching the furry god however, who was smart enough not to give away his name. He is very lucky he did that, I don't want dark meme trying to eradicate him from existence. Throughout the war with the furries, I have simply watched as the war raged on. I heard about the gamer who was killed in battle and I wish to give the anti-furry team my condolences. I also plan to release information on how to perform furry cleanings in discord servers as it may prove useful to the anti-furry team. Good Luck -Ye Boi MemeGOD
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    It's been 10 seconds, no update from the sergent. We are getting worried Buvud-SCP 096-Iceberg
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    ok now that is epic
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    Log #1 The war with the furries is getting very gore. I have lost a lot of gamers and friends because of these things! We slaughtered them all in their HQ called "TikTok" and took it over. We are currently waiting for a plan from the higher-ups till we move out again. >End of Log< 11/23/2018
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    OK. I want to know. Which one is the greatest? Pancakes Waffles French Toast WE NEED TO SETTLE THIS! (BTW, I chose pancakes)
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    Ok so sunglasses emote is the best right? I mean it works in every situation. My mom died 😎 My dog was eaten 😎 I bullied jakob 😎 Best emote, change my mind.
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    Best. Emote. Ever. 😎
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    Log 2-Buvud: This is senior agent Buvud. I have great news. This is a very good lead
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    yeah red is right end of month
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    Oh no... It has started. I will accept everyone's Birthday wishes when it is the 9th of March. Peace out
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    Log 1 - Sergeant Jakob These, these furries, these animals, they should have gone extinct along time ago. I have been dispatched with the MTF Unit Delta Force - 01, I am on my way to the heart of the furry territory, Sweden. My objective is to locate one of the more infamous war criminal furries that goes by the name of 'Soft Snow Tiger'. Don't let that name fool you, it sounds cute, but when you see what these things really can do, you're gonna be having nightmares for a lifetime. I'll update this log the next chance I get, if there is no update, then it means that I have been either captured or killed. >End of Log< 11/25/2018
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    Log 1-Buvud: I usually try to stay nuetral in these fights. However when I saw a Furry are a gamer's head off... Well I had to act. I'm a moderate gamer, however I am no longer a hero. The only ones who are heros are the ones who actually did something. I need to become a hero >end of log< The....... Breaking up...... The fur... Are getting cl.... If I send a message w...... A signature........ Not me Buvud-SCP 096-iceberg
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    Log 1 - Pugz After Hearing that the war is starting, I instantly enlisted, I couldn't let these furries take over. War is alot worse than I thought, but I cant let the furries win. >End of Log<
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    Log #3 The day of reckoning has come upon us, we have found out where the furries are located. The spy has sent the info to us just now it says the location of the furries is [REDACTED]. This is great we can get an ambush upon them now. This is our time to SHI- >End of Log< 11/24/2018
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    Log #2Still nothing from HQ about our next attack, but it seems like the furries have gone quiet, too quiet. We sent a spy out yesterday hopefully we hear more soon. >End of Log<11/24/2018
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    cough cough, obviously SCP-079
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