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  2. Natsuki

    maschalismos ban appeal

    He has been, its true
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  4. maschalismos

    maschalismos ban appeal

    Your SteamID64: 76561198110240252 Your Steam Username: maschalismos How long ago were you banned: about a couple month ago. How long was your ban for (If you don’t know put N/A):N/A Who banned you (If you don’t know put N/A):N/A Why do you think you were banned: a kid was taunting me and so i killed him, after that round i got mad and just left the server. Why do you think you should be unbanned: its been a couple of months. i was banned on #3 but for some reason i can join the other servers just fine. ask natsuki i've been well behaved on the other servers.
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  6. Ericudo


    Steam Name: A: Ericudo3100 Discord Name: A: Ericudo#4618 Age: A: 19 Steam ID: A: 76561198413381472 Country and TimeZone: A: United States - EST How did you hear of Kurva: A : Downloaded SCP - Secret Laboratory because of my more recent interest with SCP's. Eventually just scrolled down and found Kurva, then stuck with it. How long have you been playing SCP - SL? A: ~100 hours Why do you want to be apart of the Staff Team: A: When I had first started playing, I didnt really know where to start, or how to play. I ended up just going through each of the available places on the server list to see what I could find and play. Eventually, I found Kurva, where everyone was extremely friendly and easy to get to know. The server was well run and the people were a good core following who all new each other. These were pretty much all the positive signs you could ask for, and I decided to stick with it. I enjoyed the environment to such a degree that I memorized the discord letters at the bottom of the server button because I didn't want to lose the server name. In hindsight, it would've been a lot smarter to just memorize the name "Kurva", but thats besides the point. About a week into playing, I joined the discord, then began to donate. I really enjoy the server and all the people in it, and I'd love to help it run the way its been. Why would you make a good addition to the Staff Team: A: Though I've never managed an SCP secret lab server, I do have a decent amount of experience in helping run other game servers and moderating discord servers. People who know me, know me to be fair and impartial, not abusing power because I can, nor threatening to do so. I take the job serious because I genuinely enjoy it. Besides all of that, I'm a rather quick learned, so I wouldn't imagine my recruitment into moderation would require much teaching or effort from the current mods. However, I'm not afraid to ask questions either, as I'm sure you will all learn if I'm accepted. Are you familiar with our rules: A: Yes Experience in game moderation: A: Mostly old minecraft servers I helped run when I was younger
  7. Nuronwar

    Danny DeVito's Ban Appeal

    (My 5 minutes ban got finished but still want to know why I was banned, pretty pissed that I lost 5 minutes of my live not playing SCP:SL) Your SteamID64: 76561198258874945 Your Steam Username: Danny DeVito How long ago were you banned: 11:50 PM March 28, 2019 How long was your ban for (If you don’t know put N/A): It said "time: 5" (No clue if it means minutes) Who banned you (If you don’t know put N/A): N/A Why do you think you were banned: I yelled in my mic for a second after I died, but I didn't get any warning by anyone I just got banned in a split second. Why do you think you should be unbanned: They never told me about any banning or warnings, or any reason why I got a ban. I've been with this community for a long time now and know the rules well, I guess not well enough, but I don't know if this was any admin abuse for that whole Roger Watson thing or they accidentally kicked the banned Roger Watson (My name was Roger Watson at the time)
  8. Kade

    Professor Nixon's "ban appeal"

    yeah unban him, he dident clutch (he agreeded to it tho so its not abuse) but yeah unban this nixon.
  9. Professor Nixon

    Professor Nixon's "ban appeal"

    SteamID64: 76561198055718095 How long ago I was banned: approximately 10 minutes ago How long was your ban for : 1 day Who banned you (If you don’t know put N/A): Kade Why do you think you were banned: because I "didn't clutch the round", so I got banned for a day Why do you think you should be unbanned:so I can get back to work as a SCP:SL trial moderator Other notes/images to help my case:
  10. Hard To Open Pistachio

    What do you think of me

    So I guess everyone is doing this now. Here's your local nut. I'm a weeb, i'm definitely not a trap, i've left the staff team a total of 3 times now, and I say cunt way too much. What do you think of me? ;D
  11. ABC

    Number one

    Hey, this is gonna be pretty short, but I wanna let you know that nobody here hates you, and we want you here. If you wanna talk to anybody we got some great people on kurva.
  12. Crustacean Radiation

    Number one

    I have been awake for the past day and still am awake, left with nothing more to do but ponder with my own thoughts and mind tired, loopy, and loose. Exactly like a rotten corpse being hung by strings to move like a puppet. The following has nothing to do with the previous statement and never will, nobody knows and nobody realy cares. I never interact just observe it is better this way. I would just ruin it if i speak. Nobody asks for me. so i have no right to speak. Many tried to tell me otherwise, but i can see through the lies. They're also smelly. One told me to stay and seak if i am called. This one makes the most sense, I will listemn but they still scare me very m8uch. I hope they don;'t read this. I stand alone on the mountain watching the radiant orange sun, It looks beautiful but it hurns like the scoarching hands of the devil. Orange skies the the only good two kinds of skies, the other good kind being night. I always hated the sun. I have no incognitive thoiughts or any opin ions on anything, asd a nothing I cannot have any, my opinions are evil and should be p[unished with force. let nobody else tell me otherwise! I like to sit alone doing nothing, it is always fun being isolated, (it is never smelly) if i watch, i have no interactions, they'd just be mad at me if i speaak. they all scare me so i stay very very quioet. they are all of you. none of you will reads this i know. It makes me feel less scared. there are two kinds of they, they 1 and they 2. they are both exactl;y the same as there is only 1 kind of they. m,] I meditate within most times of the day. Any breakage in this behavour is unhealthy, I am to be mediating right now, but i cannot re;lax ever, i will nevber be happy until i relax again. it is imposible for mke to ever relax. I want to speak to you but i am too scared to, you'lll bget mad at me and i am already terrified of you, (you're also smelly) the rest jsut scare nme nor care, nobody really cares. i shouldn\'t care at allll, but I still do, everyone maters very muchb to me. Yes even him An other who i know i cannot tell if they hate or are null to me., I cannpot tell anything with this one, I am terrified of him. but i want hoim to be happy I want everyone to be happy but i can never make them happy until; I leave. Do I join then leave just so they're happy? Or wqil;l; they be happier f ijsut stayed away for goood? I sit alone with nothing in my min d. Nothing becxause it is pont;less for me to think ata ll. This is why i will never grown better. Nobody will read this. nobody cares to. I am happy for that. I won't need to worry about being attacked. iu was never attacked. This is just a fear i have. Everyoibne scvares me. a few scare me the most. I want them to be happy, I tried to leave but they wouldn't let me. I do not know what they want. I don';t know what anyopne wants. Wjhat do you want? (You still stink) But last night was the worst of the worst. I klept crying and could not breathe. pulsations and choacking hurt me very much. It was also very veyr VERY smelly. my eyes burn and i see lost of red. I feel suyper dizzy. I am scared. I am still scared of all you I do not know how to be better. I just want to do the right thing But is the right thing better fpr you or me? se;lfish opr se;f;es? wqould the right thing hurt me and help you or hurt you andf help me? That scares me so I will never act and stay null. CONCLUSION: I'm an idiot, Nobody really cares. I am very smelly. Nobody wants me around. othewrs have it better than i do and have gotten rewarded. I am very proud of them. I'm sorry. I'm still scared of all of you.
  13. All applications posted after this will not be reviewed until staff applications re-open. Keep an eye on the Discord for the time and date the applications re-open. Kurva Gaming thanks you for your interest and wishes you all the best of luck in the application process!
  14. Cherry

    Staff application

    Application Denied. For more information, DM @Cherry#7312, @Pugz#2230, or @TSMRE#2814
  15. Cherry

    Dr.OwO's mod application (fixed)

    Application Denied. For more information, DM @Cherry#7312, @Pugz#2230, or @TSMRE#2814
  16. Cherry

    MaZ's Staff Application

    Application Denied. For more information, DM @Cherry#7312, @Pugz#2230, or @TSMRE#2814
  17. TSMRE

    Updated Application

    Denied. Re-apply when applications open. An announcement will be made on the Discord when they re-open. Contact TSMRE#2814 if you have any questions.
  18. Cherry

    Benzombie's staff aplication

    Application accepted! To schedule an interview, please DM @~Gray~#6013, @Mysterion#0296, @BadlandsChugs#3768, or @After Story#2357
  19. TSMRE

    T^PI='s Staff application

    Denied due to not listing hours. Re-apply when applications open again. An announcement will be made on the discord when they re-open.
  20. Cherry

    AEGIS's Staff Application

    Application accepted! To schedule an interview, please DM @~Gray~#6013, @Mysterion#0296, @BadlandsChugs#3768, or @After Story#2357
  21. Cherry

    what you think of me

    i love you
  22. DiamondSword

    what you think of me

  23. It's me poluur, and I feel I'm fading from the community, and that nobody in the community really likes me this is totally not stolen from aegis that was stolen by gray
  24. AEGIS

    wytom-what you think of me

    Gray plz no
  25. ~Gray~

    wytom-what you think of me

    Time to clap those cheeks ;>>>>>
  26. AEGIS

    AEGIS's Staff Application

    Steam Name: A: AEGIS Discord Name: A: AEGIS [Cherry's&Gray's Mentor] Age: A: 14 SteamID64: A: 76561198143076906 What Country and Time Zone are you from? A: USA-EST/EDT How did you hear of Kurva? A: It was a long time ago, I don't entirely remember, but something about just playing with friends and they introduced me to it, so I started playing it. How long have you played SCP: SL? A: 189 hours Why do you want to be part of the staff team (100-word minimum)? A: There are a few reasons I wish to be staff. The first reason I wish to be staff is mostly to just help out people in need and make the whole community/server better, more fun, and active. The second reason I wish to be staff is because I hate teamkillers. Yes, don’t we all, but some of them, for some reason, get away freely and I think that's just completely unacceptable. So, the main reason I wish to become staff is to deal with those annoying teamkillers. But not just them, anyone else who dares disturb the fun( that's within the rules of course,) such as; people who say bad things, do bad things, literally just if they break the rules. That’s a no-no. It’s just that, being part of a community that is dominated by annoying teamkillers, people who are using slurs of all types is not fun. And I want to help stop all of that. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team (100-word minimum)? A: One thing that I would consider myself good at is being unbiased and just. I tend to take in everyone's sides before making a decision. Usually, it’s just that Viclight and Darkslayer naded and killed the entire MTF 10 times over, that would be a ban, sure, but if/when someones being framed for mass tk’ing and it not actually happening and getting banned for it? That sucks man. I wish to prevent that from happening. Usually, my rule with things is to have proof(I.E. Logs, screenshots, vids, anything that is proof). Also, another thing I can bring to the table(besides uno) is that I'm usually on when none of the mods are, and that's when a lot of teamkilling happens. I’ve been tk’d then so many times and no one was there to fix it. In short, I am usually on, when no mods are on at all. Are you familiar with our rules? A: Yes, I am. Do you have any experience in Game Moderation? A: Yes, once in a GMod server for like a few weeks before the server went down and never came back up.
  27. TechStar123

    wytom-what you think of me

    sex Doll ?
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